Game crash shepherd


Immediate crash to desktop about ~10 seconds after placing down an 25x25 animal zone for the shepherd. Doesn’t matter what animal I select.


stonehearth.log (52.3 KB)


crash.dmp (161.3 KB)

Versions and Mods:

Game Version: 2820

  • Candledark
  • Frostfeast
  • Radiant
  • Rayyas Children

(I was given this game by a friend, file and everything, to try out. These files were included in the .zip file he gave me. I’m planning on buying it for myself tomorrow, when I get my paycheck. Sorry for posting if this isn’t allowed.)

System Information:

Windows 7, 64 bit
16gb ddr3 ram
Geforce 8800GTX <-- Temporary gpu, my GTX770 died last week.
And it’s a stationary computer, so external screen.

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:


Edit: just noticed this little line at the bottom of the log:
simulation.pathfinder.astar find spawn point outside civ perimeter(src) | (3909573 stonehearth:object:transient) | could not find subspace for starting point (-228.00, -17.00, 1279.00). EVERYTHING IS BROKEN! =(

Could be something, right?

Hey there @Berntsen, welcome to the Discourse!

This is an interesting crash report because of how atypical of an install you have. First, both Candledark and Frostfeast are now outdated, and many features in them won’t work. (I am not even sure they are being loaded due to an old mod version number). You are also 2 builds behind (current build is release-519). While the pathfinding error you posted might be something @Ponder could check out, I would request that you try this again when you purchase the game (and install the latest version) and see if you can reproduce it. There were a lot of fixes when release-519 was pushed, so let us know.

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Well now I just feel silly.

I’ll come back tomorrow, if the error continues after the update.
Oh, and thanks for the quick reply!

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You are very welcome. Please come back tomorrow and update us either way (crash or no crash) so we can close the report if it doesn’t recur.

I’m back!

Purchasing and updating the game seems to have fixed that particular issue, and I haven’t experienced any crashes since. Thanks for the help man, I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling:

(I can provide proof of purchase, should that be necessary.)


You are very welcome, that’s what we’re here for.

Nope, no proof needed. I’m a community moderator, not the pirate police :wink:.

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