Crashing to desktop

Game launches. All interfaces function for Hearthling and World selection/reroll. When world loads to top down view for game-play, game unceremoniously crashes to desktop within 10 seconds. I was able to create a save file (because rerolling the Hearthlings and world seed over and over is frustrating :wink: ). So long as the GUI panel is open, the game does not crash. Loading/continuing from the save has same result: world loads to top down view and reliably crashes to desktop in about 10 seconds each time. (“Reliably crashes”, is that an oxymoron?).

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“Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments.”

Versions and Mods:
Release-483 (64)

System Information:
Windows 7
GTX 780, external monitor

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:
Yes. I don’t have a win 10 compatibility issue. Full-screen / windowed has no affect. all drivers updated.

Previous version of game had no crash issues. This definitely coincides with the game update. While the game crashes consistently in 10 seconds when I do nothing but wait, additionally, the game will crash the instant I issue harvest command.
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Hi, Also new here but I have a little experience with the game and try to offer a bit of help when I can. My first suggestion which is always my first suggestion is to search your PC for any of the programs that cause incompatibility errors. The Biggest trouble maker is Lavasoft. You can find a list of the offending software here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016

Secondly, try rebooting the game in 32bit mode and launching to see if that improves game play ability.

Good Luck :smile:


I did not force 32 bit as of yet.
On another recommendation, I enabled CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinder.
The game no longer crashes as described above.
Will reply here with any change to that.

Check your processor use and also your memory first :grinning:

Intel 6 Core i7-5820K 3.30ghz
64GB DDR4 RAM (guilty of overkill)

That’s a h**l of an overkill for sure :astonished:
Info about your graphic card ?

-_-, My money is on 2x 4GB Nvidia cards of some kind.

Yep. I used to be a AMD/ATI Radeon fan but now I have gone to the dark side.
ASUS Nvidia GTX 780 Poseidon. I think it’s 3GD5 (air cooling at the moment and likely won’t go water).
Only one card.
Though… I have been extra naughty this year, so I might finally treat myself to the second card for the 25th.

If you have the money, I’d suggest actually upgrading the card to something with a bit more processing speed and ram. Buying a second card isn’t really the greatest thing, It can make games like Skyrim look beautiful and crisp, but performance wise, it increases the heat in your case and doesn’t give you much benefit. So it’s my recommendation as a computer builder to upgrade rather then adding. Hope that helps. :smile:

Ok your PC is really good ; have you tried this ?

@Powerclank, looks like he already accomplished the troubleshooting steps, he noted “Yes…” in his OP.

@SirDragon, glad you got it working by enabling CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinder. Those should be enabled by default…going to mark resolved for now, if you have any further issues please post back here again!

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@jomaxro Thank you. Will do. FYI the settings were not enabled by default. I wonder if that was carried over from the previous version settings? I had messed around with them to see if they would help with Hauling/Looting issues, but I can’t rightly say what the setting was at the time of update.

@Powerclank Yes, the issue is resolved, Thank you for your input and assistance.

@Rezo2012 Sage advice. I agree. Without turning this thread into our own builders discussion; the machine is too new for me to feel good about getting rid of a perfectly good card. Decisions, decisions… 1 new matching card? 1 new better card? 2 new better cards?..

“We need moah pahwah!!!”

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Well, My personal opinion is to not SLI. We have had it out for a few years and there are still issues with it and crossfire. The idea is a good one, but these days one really great card can do the job of two, and I think the technology of GPUs will be focusing more on developing single cards that are just as good as multiple cards. That being said, SLI and CrossFire is a great way for GPU manufacturers to make good buck no matter what they develop. There is always someone out there who feels like having two is better then one, no matter how good the card is. I developed an analogy to help people understand graphics cards and its called the water fountain and the bucket.

Think of a Graphics card like a bucket and a water fountain. The Bucket is the size of the Card, ie 4GB. Think of it like a 4 Gallon Bucket. You can hold a lot of water in that bucket, but to fill the bucket you need a water faucet. The speed at which you can fill that bucket is determined by the speed of the faucet, which is the Core Clock of the GPU. When you turn on the faucet you want it to be able to fill the bucket as fast as possible. Now I know its odd, but you also want the bucket to drain as fast as possible. The GPU drains this by sending it to your monitor. The cool thing is, this happens at the same speed as the bucket fills thanks to the work of the GPU.

Now what really happens when you add a second bucket? Well you get more capacity, now your bucket holds 8 gallons. This is great, but your monitor is still only hooked up to one outlet. Also, the rate at which the buckets fill is not doubled. You have 2 faucets pouring water into two buckets at the same rate, but now they have to struggle to push the water out through 1 or 2 monitors. At the speeds we are talking, people don’t really see this, but the nasty truth is, there is no improved speed, just more capacity. Now we as humans love looking at lots of pretty water, especially high definition really well rendered water. But all that shininess does, is make more heat inside your case, as you have two cards now full up of memory. :smile: That is Rezo’s fact of the day. Hope this helps.

Is it not true though, that with two cards, one will handle physics while the other can then have all its cycles available to do nothing but render?
I’ve only built about 4 or 5 machines thus far (for myself with this one being the latest and greatest), so while knowledgeable, I’m not a guru in the finer points.