Random crashes to desktop since Alpha 24.2 [Unstable]

Ever since the update with the new banners, shrines, hearths, etc. the game started crashing on random occasions. I played the game for about 2 hours. After that I experienced random crashes to desktop, which seem to happen every 5 - 10 minutes after reloading the save file.

I waited for a few updates to hope that this might be fixed. With Alpha 24.4 (Weathers and more) however, nothing has changed. In fact, I only managed to play for up to an hour before the game froze and crashed to desktop, even though I started a new town, so I decided to report it in the official forum.

Again, this never happened to me until Alpha 24.2 arrived on unstable up until now with 24.4.


stonehearth.log (90.5 KB)


crash.dmp (167.0 KB)

Versions and Mods:

The first crash I encountered was on Alpha 24.2 [Unstable]. I played again on Alpha 24.4 [Unstable] with the same crash results.
No mods were used.

System Information:

System: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Video Card: GTX 1050 Ti
Monitor Type: Generic PnP Monitor 1920 x 1080(60Hz)

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/crashing-on-start-read-this-updated-october-28/13297:

The basic troubleshooting mainly mentions crashes on startup, which I do not experience - only when I play for a certain amount of time.


I verified the files and nothing seems to be out of place according to Steam.

Not too long ago, I got myself a new video card (GTX 1050 Ti), which is better than my old one (AMD Radeon R7 200 Series). Stonehearth runs better on higher graphic settings now because of this, however I’m uncertain if my new video card may be the reason for the crashes.

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This has been happening on all my saves as well, really hope they see this and fix whatevers going on soon. Also after reloading these saves my hearthlings move slower over time. 20 minutes after I reload I have to reload again because my hearthlings are moving like they are stuck on speed 1. I really hope they fix all this. I am so ready to play with all the new content but this is ruining it for me.

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Also having this issue… It seems to be completely random. Something closes the game immediately with no warning or crash report.

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Sorry to hear you guys are getting hard crashes. Do you have any stonehearth.logs from the incidents?

@Cusuno, can you upload things yet?

Yes, I can. I’ve updated the original post.

How can I get those logs? The crash is really random… When the game crashes I open it again and load the save and continue for a good while before crashing again. Definitely passing the previous crash.

@Oleker the stonehearth.log and crash.dmp are located inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

When you get a crash again, upload them before playing again (the log is overwritten every time you start the game).

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Also had a CTD, happened right after my multiplayer partner abruptly disconnected due to rebooting their computer suddenly. I don’t know which file you need to analyze so here’s all of them. Playing 0.24.0

crash.zip (36.2 KB)
crash.dmp (146.5 KB)
stonehearth.log (548.7 KB)

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