Alpha 5 crashes randomly

Edit: Resolved, all is fine!

Hello, Radiant et al, :smile:
I bought the game 2 days ago, and it usually runs fine. However, at random times, it will have a fit of crashes, meaning the game will crash. I’ll restart the game, play for a minute, and then it will crash. It proceeds to this 10-or-so more times before working normally. This has caused me to save on a very regular basis, in fear of losing even the smallest bit of work.
The game is Alpha 5, and I’m running a Windows 7. My graphics card is decent, but if it can run Skyrim HD with modded textures, then I would assume Stonehearth would run.

Other than this bug, my only other concern, which is fairly minor in comparison to the crashes, is that fences are almost never placed into a stockpile when a carpenter builds them.

I enjoy the game and gladly look forward to the bright future of Stonehearth! :smiley:



Is it an AMD card? If so, check online for updated drivers, because the update software doesn’t always do this, and older Radeon drivers have been known to cause crashes like this before now.

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It’s an Intel® HD Graphics 4600
: P

Hmm, well, if you have any data about the crashes, specifically, let us know! For example, screenshots of the errors, pics of what’s going on at the time, anything from inside stonehearth.log, etc. All crashes have a root cause, so any help you can give us to identify what to look for would be great.


Does the game crash always after loading a savefile?
Try to remember if you were doing anything special when the game crashes, and, as @sdee said, any further information you can gather would help a lot :smile:

As I stated, it is random, and the hint I get of it happening is a very quick flash of white. I have yet to actually pinpoint a cause. Sometimes, I am just rotating the camera. Sometimes, goblins are attacking. Sometimes, I am building something. I honestly am clueless why it happens.

Hold on, I am on the wrong account here… my bad! ^^’’

But yes, as I said, it crashes randomly, with no actual cause I can identify. I really do not see it being my graphics card. Also, the only codes that appear on the screen are just the grey or red boxes of code, showing any/all bugs and bug information. That is normal and does not have anything to do with the crashes (since they, too, are random).