Alpha 4 keeps crashing

The game goes down in flames after a minute. I think I broke something in the game or I corrupted a file. Can any tell what to do to fix this?

have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the game?

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First, do as @Cannon0006 says, clean your installation folder out entirely, then re-install. If the problem persists, try updating your graphics drivers - this has fixed similar problems for people before now. If the problem still persists, we’ll need more info - your PC’s tech specs, and information on what is happening in-game when the game crashes.


I agree with @Teleros

Firstly, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Steam allows you to do that easily by right clicking the game’s tab in the Game Library. If the problem persists, try upgrading your drivers and what not. If that doesn’t work, tell us your PC’s specs, as this may help us know what the cause of your problem. If whatever we give you doesn’t help, I suggest contacting Radiant Entertainment for more help.

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For uninstalling, sometimes is not enough deleting from Steam, the other day I had to reinstall the game and I had to delete the Stonehearth folder from the Steam games folder because it wasn’t enough, the game was still corrupted after the first reinstallation.

And also use the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’ option from Steam. That will check the files.

Also try updating your graphics card, I believe that was an issue with a few people


excellent advice from everyone… :+1: @neonburst337, let us know how you progress…

I am certain we have a related report though, no? the closest one I could find was from @Phagocytosis:

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Yeah. It hasn’t change.

Okay, I uninstalled it from steam and deleted the Stonehearth folder in the steam apps folder, I installed it and it still crashes after 30 seconds after starting up a new world.

Is there anything in Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\Stonehearth.log regarding the crash?

Okay, This is what I found in SH log. 2014-Sep-13 15:46:37.655282logger initialized
2014-Sep-13 15:46:37.655282 | 1 | app | Stonehearth Version
2014-Sep-13 15:46:37.805282 | 0 | | lua git is enabled
2014-Sep-13 15:46:38.465283 | 1 | app | Running Stonehearth server on port 35730
2014-Sep-13 15:46:38.575283 | 0 | mod stonehearth.world_generation | initialize not implemented for world generation service!
2014-Sep-13 15:47:32.975049 | 1 | lua.code | unrecognized object type ‘boxed’ in json_to_lua!
2014-Sep-13 15:47:32.975049 | 1 | lua.code | unrecognized object type ‘boxed’ in json_to_lua!
2014-Sep-13 15:48:19.644715 | 0 | client | starting save.
2014-Sep-13 15:48:19.644715 | 0 | client | saved.
2014-Sep-13 15:48:20.126741 | 0 | simulation.core | starting save.
2014-Sep-13 15:48:20.897785 | 0 | simulation.core | saved.

I hope this may be of use to us.

Incidently, does it crash when you don’t save the game?

Just so we can narrow down whether its the saving that crashes the game.

Other useful information would be what operating system,graphics hardware and display driver version you are using.

This doesn’t appear to be a common issue, and so any additional information that you can provide will be helpful to the devs when ironing the crash out


The game has crashed even if I saved it, but the save file is not corrupt and still useable, however it still crashes in somewhat the same time ether way. My PC Runs on a 4.2ghz quad core, 16gb and a AMD R9 270X and the software is in date.

Im having the same problem but im running AMD FX-9590 5ghz 16gb R9-280x x2 and with one card…

Could i also comment since im new here that you guys are doing a great job at this game… and keep it up and also to ask for a Hot key for Saving… would be Great until Auto saving comes along Please and Thanks again

Wait, you’re still running Alpha 4 O_o ?

If that’s a Radeon card you’re using, go to their driver download website & double-check you’ve got the latest drivers (the update software doesn’t always work properly). May help fix the issue.

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Im sorry… didn’t realize till i posted on this thread that this was for Alpha 4 but no Im running Alpha 5 and it wasnt the latest Alpha 5 Because of steam… i Had to change the options while it was downloading to give me the Beta versions and Kinda Fixed the problems plus ive Updated to the latest Drivers also and up to now im not having any of those crashes but will keep you guys posted if i am and Ty again for the fast response :slight_smile:


Yep, my GPU is updated. I don’t think it’s the driver. It could be my hard drive seeing as my computer crashed a day ago before this crashing thing started and I neglect the game ever since. I’ve updated it and the same thing happens to Alpha 5.

Heard news of Alpha 5 on broken-ass laptop.
Run down and start computer.
Quickly opens steam.
Run Hearthstone.
Start new world.
"Hearthstone Has Stopped Working"


Well, if you’re having trouble with Blizzard’s online CCG, I’m afraid Team Radiant can’t help you :wink: but if you are also having trouble with Stonehearth then send us your system specs and your user ID and we’ll see what we can do.