Stonehearth crash video driver

Hello, sorry if something doesn’t sound correct, english is not my native language.

So i bought stonehearth on steam during alpha 18 release.
Since de beginning it makes my computer crash ( video driver) and i have to restart the computer.
This happens after playing for a while(10 - 15 min)
I tried deleting steam files (including folders manually) and reinstall, check integrity, reduce graphics to minimum, reduce resolution, the video driver is up to date, i don’t know what else to do.

my system:
windows 7 64bit (sp1)
core 2 duo E7200 2.53GHz
4096 mb ram
Dx 11
ati radeon hd 4770
video driver 8.970.100.1100

This is quite a nice game, hope you can help me fixing the problem.

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
Could you upload the crash.dmp and stonehearth.log files?

They should be located inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

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Hi Relyss, i can send you the log, i cant find any crash.dmp maybe the game doesn’t create any since it crashes the computer.

stonehearth.7z (6.5 KB)

It’s not normal that it’s crashing your computer. Are you perhaps overclocking the CPU or using some kind of booster?
This can be either hardware related, or something wrong with your OS (like some corrupted installation).

It may also be related to Windows updates, or random drivers for another component of your PC.
I’d suggest to check also that your CPU drivers are correct just in case, but it could be anything, really.

Are there any driver updates for your card? The ones listed in the log are 3 years old.

If the card is still supported, this link should be able to update them:

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It should be updated, but i will reinstall some drivers and then i let you know.

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i updated gpu drivers and motherboard chipset drivers and did the same played around 10 min and then crashed (no crash file).
i don’t have any overclock, and this don’t happen with other games, i recently replayed crysis 2 all fine so i don’t think is over heating.

updating the video card drivers wont change the problem, that stonehearth has at the moment.

i have a radeon hd 4870 as well… and i am playing since alpha 13 or something… well at least i was playing till alpha 15 … not sure which version it was.

but since then, stonehearth kept crashing after a couple of minutes… like u have written… (video card driver is crashing)

yes the card drivers are 3 years old already… its the legacry driver, this means, it is the last to be released - since then amd stopped supporting the video cards.

i have searched the forum for months now… nobody has an answer… and stonehearth is not getting an update so far to fix it… which is quite sad, since i cant play the game i payed for and did play in the older versions ._.

Well, according to the user benchmark here, your graphics card is extremely beneath the performance of the minimum graphics card listed here on their site. My guess is, your graphics card is simply too old to run the game properly.

and that exactly ist not correct, i did play stonehearth without any problems… untill some new alpha came out and the crashes started happening.

not to mention, that the system req on steam says “radeon 3xxx” … my 4870 is better, quite a lot…

this problem got mentioned quite a lot in the forum here in the past couple of monts / years… but the devs dont care at all so far

btw… this is the only game, that has this problems… i can play any other game, that has a high system req