Game almost unplayable!

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, But my game is almost unplayable! I am not sure what specs people run this game at, I have read that some people play this on computers from 2004! I have a Laptop from 2013! I have everything off/Low! and my game lags a lot when I select the Harvest tool and Select a few trees! I see so many awesome Screenshots of peoples creations, but I cant play the game that long because it will randomly crash on me :frowning: My Graphics card is up-to-date, so I am not sure what the issue is :frowning: I can’t get passed day 4 or 5. The game just crashes to Desktop :frowning: Game seems awesome and I hope for fixes soon! This game has a huge potential :smiley:

Right, let’s get some details of your laptop & game version if we can :slight_smile: . To find out which version of Stonehearth you’re playing, check the bottom left corner of the main menu. Latest version is 0.1.0 (develop 1658) FYI.

If you need to update it, do it via Steam by right clicking on Stonehearth & going to properties, then betas, then selecting the latest version option there.

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What really matters is the specs of the laptop.

How much RAM do you have, what graphics card are you using? That sort of thing.

So if you could let us know your computer specs, and also as @Teleros has said, the game version, we can go from there!

So my Laptop specs are:

Processor: AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon HD Graphics Quad-Core 1.5GHz
RAM: 4Gb of RAM
VideoCard: AMD Radeon HD 8330 2Gb

Its not a bad Laptop I can play a lot of games fine :smile:)
I was playing Develop 1658!

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First, it might be worth checking you’ve got the latest drivers. If you’re using a Win7 64 bit machine with a laptop graphics card (ie Radeon 8330M), try this link:

4GB of RAM is perhaps a little low, and the A4-5000 is showing its age, but I doubt either are causing these crashes.

Oh yeah Windows 8:P forgot to mention that! I know the game is Alpha so I am sure it needs to be more optimize!

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Here’s the 64-bit Win8 driver page:

No idea if it’s any different from the Win7 one, but there we go :smiley: .

I will download it and try and see I am just sorta disappointed that my game crashes randomly! I get so into it I forget to save lol I think they should add an Auto-Save feature that every 5-20 mins (adjustable) it auto-saves :stuck_out_tongue:

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