Forum upgrade downtime - 2013/08/13 18:00 UTC



I’ll be bringing the forums down for a short period of time to upgrade the awesome.


Does this update bring about the rounded notifications?!

Because I’m probably more excited for those things than I should be.


i’m looking forward to an expand/collapse feature… :smile:

i think i may pull the change log using the steps @supermathie outlined here, just to see what we have in store…


@Geoffers747 rounded what?

@SteveAdamo don’t be so mean to post links to a topic which is limitted in access :disappointed:

And I hope for this features most:


Number 2 is already implemented, for some reason it’s just not displaying correctly on some of the files we uploaded here - I’m sure it’ll all be remedied with the update.

And the rounded icons


Ah… I have seen them in the meta-forum, but I think I like the square-ones more (influenced by Tom?) :wink:.


@supermathie do you have any kind of estimate for how long they’ll be down for? A few hours? A day?


Blasphemy. Burn the heretic.

I for one welcome our new circular counters.


It’s usually not long at all, @supermathie is that good that the updates usually finish before he starts them.


The problem I have with the round notifier is, that the asterisk looks like it is not centered in the circle :disappointed:.


Oh good :smile:

And I’m in agreement with @voxel_pirate on that, it makes me want to scream :scream: but I’ll control myself :passport_control:


deepest apologies my friend… that was actually a PM… :scream:

i think i prefer the square as well… dont be too upset @Geoffers747:kissing_cat:



(actually, that is pretty damn good-looking)


Now that looks very nice :smile:


Dat Square.



That was fast… and at least the attachments do have now also a counter indicating how often they have been downloaded.

Unfortunately, the avatars of our moderators still are not glowing :disappointed:.


so, i see a (very) faint shading around our names… did you read about another visual distinction somewhere? would be interested in seeing it myself… :smiley:


Oooo the ‘topic progress’ bar is now green as you progress, nice.

And the categories are rectangular!

Ah everything looks that little bit prettier :smile:


Somewhat on topic for forum upgrades, (good job, @supermathie, btw) does anyone remember when the site went down every 5 minutes?