Upgrade Downtime - 11PM-ish EST

Planning to upgrade to latest!

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thanks again @system… i sent you a follow-up PM… :smiley:

one thing i wanted to point out to folks was, in addition to some bug fixes, it looks like the timestamp has shifted positions… its gone from being perched below our avatars, to now resting in the top right corner of a given post:

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I was wondering where that thing went… I was seriously puzzled as to why the time-stamp was gone… (though I kinda prefer the old placement…)

Personally, I AGREE! :slight_smile:

Feel free to chime in on Meta about this placement

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You should definitely add ‘ago’ on the timestamp to get rid of any confusion Will definitely see if there’s anything to add!

thanks @supermathie… may have to do just that… :wink:

all things considered, it is fairly trivial, but i still keep scanning avatars for timestamps…

Well, this also frees up room under the username for labels like GRAND WIZARD OF WAFFLES and so forth.

User labels have been requested a bunch.


User labels is something we would also very much like to use, would help add something to a super secret special (not really that special, or super) thing we’re planning.

I personally think the timestamp is fine where it is now,the only thing I would say is perhaps it needs to be a touch darker?

jenkies! that would be spectacular! for reasons @Geoffers747 very subtly referred to… and which i will not expand upon… :tongue: