Scheduled Downtime (2013-07-21 04:00 UTC)

Just bought the game cuz it looks awesome! W00t!

Oh, and scheduling you for an upgrade to the latest Discourse Saturday night midnight-ish EST.

See you then!

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well, welcome to the party Mr. Brown… :wink:

we’re getting bumped to 0.9.5 then? :smiley:

The rest of us are @SteveAdamo, but unfortunately due to cutbacks in the public sector we’re having to keep you at 0.9.4.

Also welcome aboard the Stonehearth bandwagon @system, nobody leaves.

I’ll start writing my song to you shortly, it’ll be a top 10 hit for sure.

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huh how do i get in game?

sorry @zelgraz … we’re just messing around… :wink:

this thread is in regards to the software that runs the forums (discourse), and the maintenance window to bring it to the next version… not Stonehearth…

Will the update include any noticeable difference or is just for like speed improvements?either way hope it’s good

yes, there are some functionality improvements (file attachments, if im not mistaken)… but i imagine the majority of changes revolve around bug fixes…

OK! You are now at latest.

Some nifty new things that are possible to enable now:

  • file uploads
  • reply-by-email
  • image lightboxing (might be on by default)

Also in the spirit of this forum, I’m posting this voxel creation. It’s not one of mine, but I think it’s sufficiently awesome:


thanks for the update @system! :smiley:

i dont know if this has always been the case, but i just noticed 1) the “chat bubble” icon gives this error message…

and 2) i’m digging the new file upload option… that will account for which file types?

Oh, yeah, that missing translation… we need to fix that :crying_cat_face: (seriously, you found it that quickly?)

You could switch to French?

The forums may seem a little sluggish for a short time - there’s background jobs running and re-thumbnailing posts.

Allowed file types for upload can be set in the System Settings. Defaults are:

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haha, just happened to he on when the maintenance was complete… and i have no idea why i noticed that icon (dont think i’ve ever used it before)…

so, are there new image types we can upload? because previously it was an image upload label, i believe… and we could upload gif and png (that i recall)… either way, thanks! :smile:

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