[Dev Blog] User Interface Upgrades



I’m really loving how fluid the UI is. Much cleaner!

Hahahaha I love how the goblins just randomly came to steal things. :smiley:



wow, completely unexpected update! i was thinking the live stream would account for today’s entry… :smiley:


edit: and (nearly) ten minutes of UI discussion? sweet… although someone was apparantly breaking into the Radiant Lair at around the 01:45 mark… :smile:


@SteveAdamo has been slacking on creating the Dev Blog topics. :wink:

Don’t worry, I got’cha back. :smiley:


sorry, what was that? i was busy changing the category for this thread to Development:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

my thanks mi amigo… :smile:

although i did post last week’s update… wait… didnt i? :confused:

edit: one quick comment on the Citizen Management screen… well, two i suppose… first, its awesome… :smile:

second, it may be helpful to really call out those idle citizens with a color coding or some other visual indication that the unit is available… the text status may get lost in the mix with all other concurrent updates…

perhaps even “sort” idle units to the top of the list?


It’s becoming more and more like my dream of Stonehearth, wipes away @SteveAdamo’s tear


Hey now, I was working on that. Can’t rush perfection. :laughing:

I’ve done a few recently. You did the combat one, I think that was last week, though I did the live-stream one. :wink: [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:5, topic:6224”]
my thanks mi amigo…
No problem. Anything I can to try to prove my worthiness to have a true title is anything I will do to help. :wink:

Also I have no life and constantly check stonehearth.net :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


glances at the swank new title

oh, you’ve earned it my friend… :wink:

edit: i really should actually finish watching, and combine all comments into one response… but this is too much fun, and so much to digest! :smiley:

absolutely love how the UI flows with the gameplay elements now… really well thought out, and the current implementation looks and “feels” very tight… :+1:

oh, and 07:15 is just… … … all sorts of unexpected awesomeness… :smile:

edit #2: i’m loving the manage crafters option as well (seeing it in action makes it’s usefulness that much more obvious)… one suggestion might be to allow players to filter or select specific crafters from within this popup? say, you only wanted to see all your farmers, etc.

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I feel so happy about the goblins stealing, I know it’ll frustrate me to no end at some point… but right now I love it… UI is nice, much prefer this one compared to the current Alpha 3 one.

Man, this was pretty damn amazing. I’ve always been terribly skeptical of crownfunding, but seems like you guys are working extremely hard, and making me look like a fool! Hope you guys finish the update sooner than later, so we get to start the process of bug squashing. And maybe smacking some cute goblins around for stealing my stuff!

I think hat the Toolbar should be more like the Toolbar in the game “Banished”, thought the current one is fine.

Also, the Goblins, Thieves, and other NPCs should do different Actions based on their Description.

Say, if one of the Goblins or Thieves had a Description that said “He is attracted to splintery things.” Which would mean that he will only steal Wood. If a Goblin had the Description “She really likes Tools and Toolboxes.” which would mean that she would only steal Tools. Or say a Traveling Caravan had a Merchant that had the Description “This Merchant’s specialty is objects that go Ka-Boom! but watch out! He really likes the Green Stuff.” which means he sells Explosives for a High Price. And finally, if a Lagomorph Trader has the Description “He would gladly trade his Toolbox for the small price of a bundle of Carrots or Furniture.” which would mean that he ow oils only accept a Trade if you give him Carrots (If you can grow them in a Future Release) or with Furniture.