[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday: All Your Desktops


My desktop is covered with customer service emails, so let’s take a look at YOUR desktops! :slight_smile: Happy New Year, everyone. :slight_smile: Here’s to a lovely 2014 with all of you.


Ooooo, lovely little blog post :3

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A very nice DT to begin the year round out the year in America :wink:

Still want to know how to get @Vash’s “bug”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s me! How lovely… and what a great start to the year, making it on the front page of Stonehearth!

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Look mom I made it on the dev blog! :laughing:

I’m glad to see how hilariously well Alpha 1 is going and to see that my fellow moders are already hard at work! I’m looking forward to what is in store for this game. :blush:


What a year it’s been - and I don’t make the game!

To everyone in the community, thank you all for being you, it’s been great to talk to you all each day and I’m excited to see where the next year takes us :slight_smile:

You’re all great! Except you. You know who you are :grimacing:


It’s a feature not a bug :laughing:
This is part of the path finding / world generation algorithm :smiley:

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Or it could be a secret feature that the devs put in just for the New Years Party… you never know! :wink:

In any case, keep those awesome screenshots and videos coming. :slight_smile: They’re better fuel than coffee and donuts for bugfixing. :slight_smile:

You- you eat (or burn) the pictures we send you?! That’s what I got from what you said…


You want screens?!
There you go!!

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Have I been drinking? The colours are all … psychedelic yes?

I very much doubt people wish to see my desktop right now - so many words. So so many words.

me. its me, isnt it?

all this excitement, and i completely forgot it was Desktop Tuesday! :smile:

thanks for the post @sdee, and yes… what a wonderful year this has been… getting to know all you guys like… that guy… and … that other one! :clap:

hugs all around! :rainbow:

Yay hugs! You discourse moderators do love us twitch moderators! You really do! :smiley: bahahaha

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So @Geoffers747 loves himself? :wink:

yes @Geoffers747 always loves himself!

ever since the lawsuit… we… we just dont speak about it…

shifts around uncomfortably

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