[Dev Blog] More About the UI Hud




Ooh, fancy! Also… first! I’m only continuing Steve’s legacy. :wink:


Swarm of bugs

I found this a lot funnier than I think I should have…

As for the work on the HUD, great work Tom! Manages to look pretty cool with it on but so much more natural and aesthetically pleasing with it off. I guess this is the ‘blueprint mode’ that was mentioned a while back, and the implementation is pretty much exactly how I hoped/imagined it to be. :thumbsup:


it’s only funny when I do it… :smile:

absolutely agreed… minimalist when you want it, detailed when you need it… :+1:

there’s a joke in there for @Geoffers747 too… I’m contractually obligated to give him a few easy setups each week…


The only joke in here is you.

I don’t mean that. I’m sorry.


Who are you and where is Geoffers?


Looks very nice.


Time to see it in action :wink:.


The white-eyed face at the bottom is still creepy :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s good to see the UI coming along nicely though :slight_smile: .


In my humble opinion, the stockpiles need to be distinguished a bit better. They could easily be mistaken for some sort of shadow (-ing gone wrong).

However, I guess if you don’t like it, you can simply do it yourself… So I’m not to complain if I can just throw in a toggle for that at some point.