Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


Orrr…have a tiki totem made of bunnies!


I have two on my map! Oh I feel so luck now! :laughing:


didn’t see this but I would love this too


Hey, @BrunoSupremo - hammocks show up as “decorative” at the Shop; are they actually useable as beds, or just, indeed, decorations?


Fully functional, can be even assigned. I may change them to furniture to avoid confusion.


Good to know, thanks for the quick reply! The Benefactor was considering them for her barracks and threw a fuss when she couldn’t tell :wink:


For some reason I can’t play with archipelago with the ascendancy It just crashes before I pick my starting location. It works fine however with the Rayyas children. Any tips to fix this?


^ Same issue, crashes when loading the settlement location selection screen.


me too… but if I don’t hang around much on the hearthling randomizer (not a word but yes) screen, I manage to get through the map selection screen (sometimes).


Off-topic… Your name, it sounds familliar :confused:

On topic, haven’t tried the latest mod version yet :sweat_smile:. Does your log shows anything about the crash?


@Juan_Pinoy, @Kittyodoom and @Hunyo18
One thing that happens to me, is that if I rush through the character customization, it gives an error at the map selection. Basically, if I click on the next button to go to the next screen before all character load, it explodes later, probably because the character would be corrupted/incomplete. So I always have to wait for that screen to fully load and everyone appear, both their portrait and their traits. For some reason, it takes some time in my game for it to fully load, like 2 or 3 seconds.


Confirmed…tabbing away and letting it sit for a minute or few at each screen, I actually got to select a settlement location this time.
Bit strange though. Is it because the biome’s that “heavy”, so to speak, in terms of how much there is to it?

Le proof:


No idea, as this happens with any biome for me. I think although it breaks at the map creation, it is related with the previous screens, in my specific case, the not fully load hearthlings in the customization page.


While working with tweaks on mods, I tend to just go as quick as possible between the Hearthling screen, the Starter-Pack screen, as well as the Map-screen.
I’ve never had it bug-out on me; I have no map-mods though - I only got TA and RC.

No idea what could cause the difference between us, I just wanted to provide my case. Maybe it is RAM-based or something similar (hardware)?

Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others

As always your mods look awesome. I’m so happy you’ve kept busy on them :slight_smile:


Freedom…as long as it last with the fisherman on the prowl :jubilant:




Ahahahahaha! Epic crab! Well spotted and executed @Hunyo18 :rofl::rofl::rofl::jubilant:


Please may someone help me. I have a fisherman in the temperate biome, and have placed a fish spawner float thingy. Fish have spawned, but my fisherman will not fish them. Please can someone help me!!


firstly why post this in its own thread when you could just ask for help on the Archipelago biome mod thread itself???

secondly, the fisherman class doesn’t auto-fish until level 5, you must manually tell them to harvest the fish until they get to level 5 then they will start to automatically check back on the fish and harvest them themselves.