Unka Beans Helping Hands BS updates and more to come

Heyla and welcome to Unka Bean’s helping hands.

With Bruno’s permission I give you the archipelago mod for better storage.

This is the complete mod set to work with the better storage mod. No more leaving your fish on the ground. enjoy :slight_smile: It doesn’t add new categories it places the items in set categories. eg. fish gets stocked with raw meat. cooked fish with prepared foods.

Archipelago for BS: Dropbox - archipelago_biome.smod

If anything is out of sorts drop me a line. when Bruno updates his mod 

I will update this one to keep it current for us bs users…


Hey, thanks.

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I’m not seeing any better storage options for the cookmod. I see all the regular base game vegetables, ingredients, animal feed and meats listed but not the ones added by cookmod. I also don’t see fish listed as a possibility for storage with the archipelago biome version. The mods are activated and I do have the options for planting the cookmod crops and to make the fisherman token so that aspect of the mods is working fine.

If they have the proper classifications I suppose it won’t matter as long as they go into storage (which I haven’t tested yet as I started a brand new game and my potatoes haven’t grown yet, ha ha). Is that the case? Will they go where they belong even if I can’t choose to put them in a specific storage pile?

edit Nevermind on this one. sighs Sorry!

hi there, better storage uses set filters so I have to put meat pie as poyo pot pie in the mod. i still stores with food and still retains all it’s attributes. it just sticks the items in the proper areas :slight_smile: Food with food, animal feed with animal feed etc.

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does the archipelago one include cook mod?

no they are separate mods. keeps it more organized.

Can you have the cookmod and the archipelago one both in the mods folder to get both of them working?

yes you can have as many mods as you want in the mods folder :slight_smile: I use both of them myself.

Thank you, that helps a lot. I did see the rice actually go into storage. You have no idea how happy that makes me. So I can’t make mod specific storage racks, it doesn’t look like, but that’s fine. I can live with that.

Thank you so much for the work you’re doing here.

all I did was make it work as intended. It is Froggy’s baby and will remain so. I will not be adding anything to this mod until I get permission from Froggy. So if anyone knows him personally. I tried to send him a message :slight_smile:

Unka Bean