Why are mod items always left on the ground if storage is itemized?

Every time I try to itemize my storage it seems the mod items never get put away - I always have to have something set to all to keep the clutter down, which of course means the lazy little beings will only drop in that spot rather than separate like I want them to - am I missing something to fix this?

Because the mod items are often not categorized correctly. This becomes a bigger issue with a mod like Better Storage as mod authors need to make a patch to make it compatible with that mod.

The mod creator has to tag their unique items in order for them to be placed in storage. If the items do not have a basic tag, then the hearthlings have no idea where to store them.

Tags are used for lots of stuff into the game, and there sadly isn’t that much documentation on it either.

As a (somewhat) modder, I think that the lack of documentation hinders me in putting the appropriate tags onto the items. I believe tags are used for Item filters, the category of the place-furniture-menu, material classes*, and maybe other stuff. Currently, without the documentation, I am mostly working in the dark when it comes to these tags. Therefore I forego the effort altogether and as a result most of my modded items have the single tag “a” on them.

(besides this, the way that material tags are stored as a single string, and not a list, is a little unwieldy, but that’s a different matter.)

*Material classes: Let a material class be one of those categories used in crafting as an ingredient that can accept multiple different items. Example: “wood”, which accepts any wooden log.

Tags are used mainly for stockpiles, where only items with the same tags as the stockpile filters are accept

No. For this it is the “category” key in the catalog, not the “material_tags”.

Yes. You can have a recipe that uses any “wood resource”, and so only those with both tags can be used. But items with only the tag “wood” or only the tag “resource” will not, avoiding for example a wooden chair being used as the necessary wood ingredient.


It might be more helpful to identify the mod that isn’t being stockpiled and post under their mod area.

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Something like a little guide with examples to tag the items correctly would be very useful. I’m trying to use this Guide below to ‘retag’ the food items from the archipelago mod but I’m doing something wrong and the items are still not going into containers.

Here’s a critical view (a bit harsh, sorry) on the betterstorage mod:

The problem with the betterstorage mod is that it is so restrict that even the vanilla game does not work with it, to a point that the mod changes the tags of vanillas to make it compatible to itself.
Right of the bat it basically excludes any modded item from being stocked. You can see that easily with food items.
Take a look at the tags/filters for meat food for example, it is asking for poyo meat, mutton, etc… You just created a nice new meat item? Too bad, it will not be stocked, because it is not a poyo or a mutton…
That is the main problem there, it is extremely incompatible with, well, everything new, including new vanilla items, like the varanus meat.

The level of detail in its categories ends up restricting each category to a single item, instead of a range of similar items. The reason that @Flyrija for example is not having lucky adding the archipelago items, is because retagging the items are not enough.
You will need to add a new “category” for every item, a new one for fish, a new one for crab, a new one for fried fish, then one for crab cake, then for coconuts, papaya, then this, then that, etc… You will end up with a huge list of categories, and that is coming from a single mod, that is not even focused on adding new items!

The main vantage for the mod was (in my case, I know others uses it different) to be sure that my wheat would be stocked at my cook instead of being placed at my herbalist that had the same “plant” filter, and to be sure my herbs would be at the herbalist instead of the cook. Those items were at the same plant category, but had complete different crafting uses by different jobs so they should be stocked in different places.
The above is not a problem anymore, as we now have input containers that fixed exactly this problem, and it even has priority over other stocks. So I can have one input receiving wheat at the kitchen and all the overflow production is stored in common container elsewhere with the “plant” filter. The same with the herbalist with its herb input containers.

I see the filters use cases as such: input filters are very precise to fill the crafters specific needs, while generic container/stockpiles have generic categories that fits a wide range of items in it.
The betterstorage basically made all containers filters very specific like the input containers. But because it has no priority like inputs, it just adds micromanagement to it. It means if you really want wheat in that stockpile, you would need to remove it from all other stockpiles. That management could be avoided by using a single input container.
Another thing, input filters are used only for items required in crafting. There is no point in having filters for cooked food or weapons for example. Because a crafter will never need those in any recipe. That is why in the vanilla we only have inputs for things like carrots and corn, but none for omelettes or cakes.

So my suggestion changes for the mod (aimed at my specific use case/play style) would be to have the generic stockpiles almost unchanged.
The mod main focus would then be on input containers filters.

For example, in the archipelago (without the storage mod), you will see that coconuts and papayas are stored at raw foods, while fish and crabs are at ingredients (non-edible but used in cooking). Meanwhile, input filters have two new items filters, one for fish and one for crabs, as those are used in recipes, but none for coconuts and papayas as those are not used.