2534 - storage bugs/issues

for a dev these colors should make sence, this is what ive gathered sofar(besides wood)
green=item getting placed, red=emty available space, nothing=taken space

changed the filter on top right(filled with wood) to not allow wood anymore(happends with any/many item(s))
the wood taken away this way does not mark the storage spots emty, and wont allow any other item there(unless storage is removed and replaced)

2 storage places left have green and red markers in them, while already being full
this happens when you load saved game where a guy with items stands close to a full storage
guessing on my end: he attempts to unload items to closest storage, and keeps picking up
result: endless loop of dropping and picking up items by 6 guys (they continue after eating or sleeping)

3rd(simple one)
flour only gets accepted by storage when the filter has not been touched
i have about 20 storage places, so no excuse to be laying on the ground there
(and this storage also has the unusable spots explained above(1st))

hope this is in any way helpfull :slight_smile:


On the flour one, it’s only tagged as “flour”. To be put into a Food & Drink category it also has to be tagged as at least one of “food_container”, “baked food”, “meat” or “drink”. You’d think “baked food” would be a good temporary fix, but I suspect it would be a mistake.

The problem is that the baked food category requires the tags “baked” and “food”. If you tag flour that way, the game will put plain flour in the baked goods category, but your hearthlings might also mistake it for food. Flour has no nutritional information, so you could see the amusing sight of the hearthlings eating all the flour in town without satisfying their hunger.

I suspect they really need to add a new category to the stockpile for cooking supplies (filter by “cooking resource” maybe?). Flour is just the first example that has been implemented.

Edit: I note that Froggy in his cookmod tagged Flour as a Plant to get around this lack of a good category for Flour.

On the other two, good catches! Another win for debug tools mod in the hands of users :smile:


lol, it would be worth trying just to watch them binge eat all the flour

I just ran into this bug as well so I start rummaging through the forums. Gonna back-burner the flour for now so it doesn’t clog up the town too bad. I set my storage up wrong for an “all” pile :\

Can confirm. Hearthlings ate all my onions raw.