Better Storage Fix for Frost Feast Mod?

Hi there, I noticed that some Frost Feast Items are not picked up by the game when the Better Storage mod is active, for example, the Winter Outfits are never picked up by the hearthlings. I’m not sure of the extent of this effect, but I also saw that Ginger flour wasn’t put in Storage nor seen by the cook on the ground.

Could the mod owners have a look as to why it would do that? I suspect it’s because of the way that the Better Storage mod expects to see items but the new Frost Feast Items were implemented differently.

Frostfeast items aren’t doing anything special, with the only exception being some added categories. I don’t think the issue is on our end, as it works with all stonehearth:storage entities (e.g. all vanilla containers).

Edit: The way I see it, the mod is outdated (A18) and requires a patch for each mod that it should integrate with. We’re not going to write such a patch for another mod, so unless somebody else does it (and preferably makes sure the mod runs smoothly with A19 too), this is a won’t-fix from my side.