New mobs and new biomes

I think there should be several new biomes, including deserts,mountain biomes, swamps, and beaches. And in these biomes specific mobs and building will occur, such as mummies and pyramids occuring in the dessert, or sharks and natives in a beach. Tell me what you think about this, if you add these things I would greatly appreciate it, I can’t play stonehearth because I have a mac, but I’ve seen several videos and think this would really add to the gameplay and make it (kinda) more realistic.

Oh, and there should also be a new class for rivers and the ocean, the fisherman!

You obviously dont read the forums or look at the road map… everything you listed is planned already

read that.

Fishermen have been talked about already! They already stated that after they work out the kinks with water, they will be adding all the bells and whistles that go with it :smiley:

Mac will not be supported until the game is finished! It has been stated many times already and will not change!

Also they just added zombies and skeletons to the unstable. So fear not they are adding new mobs.


tis a pity my friend :disappointed_relieved:

though as @devoderek said, most of what you said is planned :smile:

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A fisherman class hasn’t been confirmed, yet workers are said to go fish in free time with a new draggable zone.

On the way! :smile:


No, i did see the forum… I read it every day! I just think that when it enters full it could have new things to make it more interesting

Each update has something new to make it more interesting!


True, I guess this dicussion may come in handy though if they want anymore things to add when it goes full version though