Edgar Phoete ~ Half Steinberger - Half Composer

Hi everyone,

I’m a composer, doing freelance for about 2 years now and working also part-time for Cubase.
I’ve been in touch with the team recently and they advised me to post my songs on the community forum.

I’m really amazed on how big and frenzy the attention is around Stonehearth already, it looks like a very promising project verily.

Here are some tunes of my portfolio that I’ve highlighted and that could fit the game at some points:

I’d be very glad if I could be part of the project as well so thank you very much for listening!
Hope you’ll like some of them and feel free to drop a line, hug, chocolate, anything :slight_smile:



Firstly, I’d just like to say a massive welcome aboard!

We already have a few people posting some music they’re making, in particular @Raj, @Omnus and @CaseyEdwards, and I have to say I’m a sucker for game music, I love to hear what people are putting out there, as for me game music can immortalise and really make moments in games become something incredible.

I have no idea what the team are planning for music, but it’s safe to say that we will be able to add our own should we choose to, so I would love to hear any stuff you make with Stonehearth in mind and would encourage you to post more!

As for your tracks, I love “In Blue City We Are” - I think it would really sit well with, at the more experimental side of things, an underwater faction, and just generally, for a nice seaside settlement!

The intro for ‘Pirate’s Carnival’ is also something I can see working as a general theme during peacetime for your settlement,

‘Another One Bites The Dusk’ I absolutely adore … not entirely sure where it’d fit into Stonehearth, but it invokes these mysterious and ominous feelings for me, so yer, take what you want from that!

And ‘I’ll save your life but not your soul’ I can see working as perhaps something at the beginning of winter where the mood is a bit somber or after a battle where you’ve lost a few great soldiers. I definitely get this vibe of hopelessness about it, but hey, I’m no where near qualified to pass true critique on these things, this is just how I feel!

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You bring some nice depth and inpart alot of feeling to the music would like to see what you could do with stonehearth in mind.

wow, truly impressive work @ephoete! i enjoyed each of your tracks, and as @Geoffers747 has mentioned, there are several tracks i see fitting nicely within SH…

i am curious to hear what some of our more musically talented members have to say… in addition to those @Geoffers747 mentioned, we also have @Voobr and … oh dear… i’m afraid the name escapes me… :cry:

Wonderful work, but these sound more like songs than a soundtrack. I think “In Blue City, we are.” was the right sort of thing because it’s nicer and mellower.

Well I’m very thankful indeed. That’s a hell of a very precise critics @Geoffers747. Invaluable comment, thank you very much truly.

@Zooka128 you’re unveiling a quite interesting question although I’m not sure to see what you want to mean. A soundtrack is a set of songs belonging to a same material; that is usually a film, a short-feature or a video game here. I’m not sure then how can those things be likely compared. “the whole” and “the bit”, it’s a bit chalk and cheese no after all? :wink:

Sorry, let me clear that up :stuck_out_tongue: What I mean by a soundtrack is something that goes with the actions that you are doing. Unless you’re in battle or doing something intense, you’re going to prefer a nicer light sort of overlay music rather than general songs. Don’t get me wrong, your work is amazing but I (personally) feel some of the songs are a little on the heavy side, although the majority of them would suit.

Although I think the definition of soundtrack you’re using could be misleading or be seen as a bit narrow-minded (themes of characters are most of the time just tunes) you’re absolutely right that not all of them are made to be pure diegetic music that would only be supporting an underlying action… But that’s the intent as well! for like Pirates’ Carnival or The Inherent Flight, they’re very melodic as the good-old-Hollywood-days genre, hence soundtrackish :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!

The new orchestral demo of Edgar Phoete has just been released!


I’d think that most of the soundtrack lovers here may appreciate it :wink:

Thank you so much everyone for listening and commenting it!


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Dude, your stuff is awesome! You defiantly have a an ear for music, and you should really keep at this line of work. But, I have to say, I do agree with @Zooka128. I mean, its just like your music is TOO Awesome for a game. If you look at something like Minecraft, the music in their is just like one piano playing or something. Your music has like a whole orchestra with dozens of violins and flutes and a choir for crying out loud. Your music is totally awesome, but I think that it might be too much for a game where like this. If Stonehearth was this really big game with an epic plot line and dramatic times where the main character dies, your music would be on point. But unless music is one thing @Tom and @Tony are planning on emphasizing, then your music is just too much. My advice is just simplify :smiley:

thats some very impressive work @ephoete… i dont think i would have tied the word minimalistic to it however… :smile:

i’d like to hear what some of the more musically adept folks here have to say… but this is a very song you have crafted… i dont know where it “fits” in the game, or thats even necessary… and now, im officially rambling…

Hi everyone. Thank you very much for all your feedback.

Just to clarify one thing. My work has nothing to do with Stone Hearth and thereby it shouldn’t be connected to it. :slight_smile:
I’m posting here after having contacted the producers by email as they’ve advised me to post on the forum by the time they might be able to pay for my services.
I’m only keeping this thread up-to-date with my new demos or works.

Although I’m very glad to hear you think my music is awesome as a matter of a fact I’m sure you’ll understand then that I won’t follow your advice @TheThunderOne!

@SteveAdamo The piece is partially made of very repetitive rhythmical patterns, hence minimalistic. :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

oh, ok… so, perhaps minimalistic in effort, but not in sound or feeling! :smile:

@SteveAdamo minimalistic refers to Minimalism (Steve Reich, John Adams, Philip Glass) nothing to do with the adjective :wink:

ha! see, now if @CaseyEdwards gets wind of my complete musical incompetence on display for all to see, i’ll never live it down… :tongue:

thanks for the embarrassing correction… :smile:

It’s okay @SteveAdamo, you don’t need to know every sub-genre of a sub genre! haha :smile:

Hi everyone,

A fresh new ordered tune for the voxel game Vox (available on Steam).

It’s the main theme of the many arid fields of the game. The influences are to be between chiptune and old good Rare games soundtracks.


Enjoy & Cheers!

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i really enjoyed this track… it certainly evoked the right emotional response, as i felt as though i were traveling through a desert landscape…

Awesome Music!! would love to hear these either in a Game or a Visual Novel or even better an animation!!

thank you for letting us hear your great music @ephoete hope we can hear more X3

i have a question do you have a music piece that inspires creation?

something like this??