Dredged from the Depths: The Isola Experiment


May I ask you for the mods compiled for download instead of downloading one p/ one?
At least the most relevants for the gameplay? :no_mouth:


You want to use my modpack? o.O

Uh, sure, give a moment! I’ll zip up everything but the excess biomes and upload it!

One Cat Modpack for anyone interested! No biome mods included; you’ll have to grab one of those yourself if you want them. I do highly recommend @BrunoSupremo’s Archipelago Biome Mod or @Vargbane’s Anórien Biome. They’re my personal favourites of the ones I’ve tried so far.

As a warning, there’s a UI issue when accessing crafting benches at the moment with this modpack. Just hit the “Reload UI” button when it pops up, and give a minute, everything seems to keep going just fine.


Time to check in on Expedition #3

Isn’t that a wonderful crafting spot, Kai? May the view inspire you! And the first thing it should inspire you towards is a fishing bucket! And a Rickety Well for fresh water! We do have the supplies for them! AND TIKI TORCHES!!!

Let’s check on those cliffs. I can see the one in front of the bunny are down…let’s start carving out the other spots to smooth those cliffs as well.

Uh, yes it is TOTALLY necessary, because, um…IT WILL MAKE THE BUNNY HAPPY!

Ohhh, hmm…it’s getting dark, and we don’t have any sleeping arrangements yet. We should fix that. KAI! 7 MEAN BEDS! Oo, oo, the Crude Palm Beds, for that matter! Ooo…and one of those Painters Pallets and Weaver’s Spindle, plus 2 Rune Wall Lanterns for the super secret awesome tunneling project. And some crates, to start storing things away properly! Plus some of those Wooden Window Planters, they will be marvelous when we start up the proper construction!

Hmm, it’s dangerous to have Kai crafting in the dark - HE COULD SAW HIS ARM OFF!! D:

Hmm…good mood lighting, but not quite my objective…

Oh, right, those beds haven’t been deployed…I’m sure this isn’t that much of a health hazard…

Umm…uh…maybe…it’ll be fine…this is fine…




I will be watching this eagerly. If I wasn’t so darned lazy I’d say it has inspired me to do one myself.


I’m glad these are so oddly popular…actually inspires me to not just start over from scrap when I make a mistake. Much as my perfectionism reeeeeally makes me wanna…



Not elegant, not ideal, but it will do so you all stop resting in…unfortunate places…

Hmm…we should have someone fishing. No one is overly ideal, so…einy meiny miney…Tigre! You take this bucket and go! Start with some bobbery boos, get the fishies coming!

Yes! Like that!


Well done, Kai! I KNEW all those orders were a good thing for you! What…what’s that look for?



That little fiend, trying to blend in with our supplies! But Buddian is no fool!



OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! YOU HAVE ALLURED ANOTHER TO MY EXPER- Ahem, I mean, well done on inviting a new person to join our lovely little community!


Why, Miss Nina, don’t you look usef- I mean, absolutely lovely and talented! Let’s get you to work on something right away! :smiley:


It’s fine, though; Buddian shall GLORIOUSLY beat them into defeat, WITH A SLAP FISH!


The Benefactor assures you she is not done with this Ex-…pedition yet, but is making plans regarding the next one, and wants to allow a chance for input;

Where should the next one take place?

  • Archipelago (do it better!)
  • Anórien
  • Swamp
  • Canyon
  • Corruption
  • Sacred Grove
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • VANILLA (no mods at all! <gasp!>)

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Speaking of not abandoning the current expedition!

SqueeeeEEEEEeee! We have a new…friend joining us today!

You look familiar. Have we met? Hah, you’re right, I’m sure you would remember if you met someone as crazy as- HEY!

You’re right, that IS coming along quite nicely, Ishi!

And that will indeed be an excellent spot to start Phase Two. Well done.

Fishies are just quite glorious. All hail to @BrunoSupremo, and to the bunny!

Praise be the Bunny!

Ehehehe, glorious, just glorious

What a lovely proposal. KAI! GET WITH THE HOES! …the farmer hoes, siiiiigh…


We shall finally expand our diet beyond fish! Praise the bunny!


I have most unfortunate news; for some reason, my save file seems to not wish to load.
It will select, it will seemingly load, the bar will go entirely full…and then it goes back to the main menu instead.

Unfortunate, that run was going quite well! Ah well.
I believe I shall prune a few mods before the next run, which…popular vote seems to indicate will be in the Swamp! Tune in tomorrow to see the start of that one!

And I am most sorry about yet another team loss…

-edit- Explanation: I accidentally closed out of the game while posting the last update, so when to reload and…was denied >.<


Always keep at least 2 save files per game - I learned it the hard way quite some time ago :frowning:

The other day I was reading some other posts on the forums regarding experiencing the same issue; the bar would load all the way but then the user was sent back to the main screen.
IIRC no solution was found to that specific post. Perhaps your save file got corrupted if you “did something funky” while the saving-process was in action?

Anywho, here’s to the next one! :coffee:


That’s too bad. I was getting attached to some of the lighting - it almost looks like the bunny statue is blushing at night.


Well darn. I was too late to put in my vote for Anorien too…though I wouldn’t mind see Bruno’s swamp. I need a lot more free time to play all these biomes. If only I didn’t need a job… T_T


Uhm, I can’t vote for some reason. The cursor even changes into the little hand finger indicating I can click the option, but clicking it does nothing.
Anyway. my vote would be to the Canyon, maybe you would benefit of having more mountains to your tunnel project.
But as the votes goes, you will probably pick the Swamp? That is fine too, I bet you guys will start throwing ideas to it and make me work on it a little more lol


I’ll be sure to make two saves of the next one…I think I did tab away while it was saving, will also be sure to not do that in case it was the responsible party >.<

Don’t worry, I always seek out a bunny to build near, and usually decorate around it ^.^ I mean, build a shrine around it :wink:

I think I accidentally closed out the vote before I went to bed.Though even with your vote, Swamp has a significant lead over Anorien or Canyon, which were the runners-up, so that one will be next, and one of those two will be on deck :slight_smile:

Though I won’t lie, the Benefactor wanted to go back to the Archipelago, just to try to find a way to set the next crate of cocolings on fire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, seeing the Swamp is up, let’s confirm which should be the backup plan:

  • Anórien
  • Canyon
  • Archipelago
  • Corruption
  • Grove
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Modless

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Sorry to hear about your repeated technical difficulties. As I said in your last “story thread”, I absolutely love this format of storytelling (IMO it just has more personality than videos; which isn’t to knock the awesome video content and creators out there, I just like that ability to tweak the narrative and framing which you don’t get in a video unless you do a looooooooot of editing…) I can’t wait to see what you do in the swamp biome! Even though I was…ahem… * very eager * and voted for three biomes (I mean, you want more ideas for future runs right? heheh), the swamp would have been the one I’d have chosen if forced to stick to one.

If I might make a suggestion for the next run though: don’t be afraid to experiment with the biome and play-style a little outside of the published narrative. That is, after all, the benefit of being in control of the story – you don’t have to show your rough drafts if you don’t want to. I find it very useful to spend some time trying out templates for different uses (e.g. seeing whether the carpenter’s shack could easily be converted to a shepherd’s hut), and testing the yield of different food sources, before starting a “proper” save where I try to let the story unfold naturally.

That said, I love your experimental approach just as much as I love the narrative you weave around it; and I’m super keen to see how you tackle the swamps!


Aww, thanks! You make the Benefactor blush :wink:

Mods changed for this run:

  • Yang & co’s Decorations dropped; while I love the paintings, I never even got around to them since they require a dedicated artist
  • Roll for Need dropped; I had a few really good armour pieces a bit early, which is nice, but definitely did not help motivate me to employing a tailor, which I should have done
  • Picked up the latest version of LoMH, because…curls!

This is…a rather weird trait combination to come across, lol

Welcome to the troupe, Aos! You look use- er…adorable!

Ah, Lorzen! It’ll be nice to have a cheerful artisan with us! Don’t worry, I’ll set your workshop off someplace secluded for you.

Darling, you will be the loveliest guard we’ve had to date!

You are such an interesting looking fellow, Siander! You’re going to be a fun healer, I can just feel it!

Aren’t you just a handy looking fellow, Zyquo!

Oh, no reason to be shy, Miss…Shi, of course there’s a place here for you!

Nice to meet you, Cirtia, I’m sure- oh, what a dreadful thing to- uh, no, do go get a nap before we go, of course…

Oh, but all these new faces! And mostly ladies, who can carry the pendants! How lovely! Time to embark on our new ex- …cellent adventure!

Hmm, you know, I rather want to get a jump on our actual village this time, so let’s go with these supplies;

(Courtesy of Mr. @tim1’s fine mod - do be sure to thank him, darlings. N-No, an airborne tomato is not a traditional way to thank people, Lorzen…)

Oh, what a positively interesting area; I’m not sure which area I like more,

This spot over to the left, or

This spot over to the right. But I think we’ll go with this second one, as it may be a bit easier to set up defenses, I think! Well, no, of course I don’t know Siander; I’ve never been here before either! Tch!

Oh, here we are! Both spots fit, more or less, and we can choose the exact spot once we see them in person! Tallyho! No, I wasn’t calling anyone a- …just come along!

My oh my, look what we have here!

Leftmost side wins! We’ll just have to scurry to put up defenses, so we can keep the sacred bunny- oh, and our community of course - safe and sound!

Alright, first order of operations!

  • Hand out pendants:


  • Begin cleanup between those two ridges, to be able to put defenses through there

  • CAREFULLY clear the area around the Ancient One…

(I swear the Cultist trait was inspired be me… :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Put down basic starting storage area…


  • Assign starting artisanal work. Uh…let’s see…

Lorzen, you look vaguely dwarfish, you take up the masonry-
What do you mean that’s offensive?! Bah, whatever…

Okay, aaaaand…Zyquo, you’re pretty rugged looking, why don’t you take up the carpentry saw, and- oh, some people. Whatever, just get to work! Both of you! You need to start on your crafting table things, and the other long lists I left tied to the respective tools!

  • Start investigating the river and gathering from it

I think that should be more than plenty for now - get on off to it, all of ya!

(Double saved…



I see you have the river mod installed, it seems like it ruins the gameplay design of the swamp biome? The waters are sticky and was intended to be used as a defensive feature :slight_smile: Well i guess this version will be fun aswell :sunny:


Ahh, is that so? Hummm…perhaps I should disable the Rivers and start again, then. If I’m playing the Swamp biome, I really should play it as per its base intention first. I can always come back to the River-Swamp Expedition later.


Alright! Let us try that again! I do terribly apologize for that false start. Now, let’s see;

  • Disable Rivers mod: Check.

  • Make some teeny tiny super secret tweaks to something: Check

  • Assemble a new team:

    …and all their pets (what an impressive number of animals!)

  • Grab the Tools


  • Pick a spot to Settle

Alright, Team 361- er, I mean… Thetha Team, go! Let us Embark on this new Adventure!