Dredged from the Depths: The Isola Experiment


An Ancient one! It took SO much scouring to find you! But you ARE here!

Does every lady have her pendant? Excellent.
Okay, now we need to clean up the area very carefully; we do not want to risk accidentally harming the Ancient One.

We also need to start on crafting work right away, so;

  • Tonei, you’re going to be our mason - set up your bench over thataway, where you’ll find a sign post with a ton of sticky note orders on it
  • Kai, you’ll start on the woodworking; your bench is over that way, and- HEY. DO NOT BURN THOSE WORK ORDERS, MISTER! I’M WATCHING YOU! :angry:

Nice temporary storage spot to throw everything for now…

Alright! Everyone, go, go go go!

(And, of course;

Double saved~)


Ah, yes, you both look wonderful! So ready for work! …why the glares?

Just so you know…

…I have NO idea what the crafters are grumbling about!
Frankly, I’m fairly certain I forgot a few things!


Hmm. The Benefactor has found a note in the exerts of Kitty’s journals that indicates the one mod called Stonehearth Expanded is responsible for the UI error when closing out of the crafting menus. One is left to wonder if it should be dropped in the name of stability…though that would come at the price of a third restart for the Swamp team.

…this seems to be a trend. The Benefactor is vexed at that observation…


“And finally, 375 expedition-starts later, I set forth on what must surly become THE expedition; where we finally make it past daylight of the 3rd day - of this, I am c̶e̶r̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ hopeful!”

You sure make sure to give your crafters some stuff to do. Good!

this is really good! :slight_smile:


Well, honestly, I’m pretty sure the Benefactor should have seen the very NOT cryptic writings where Kitty repeatedly emphasized that the Isola Expeditions were cursed in every way…she just seems to keep ignoring those parts of the journals…


I’d risk to say that The Benefactor is voxed at that observation…

See? See what I did here? Han?


Don’t worry; I’m keeping her busy with a tale of a Lost Expedition;


I’m getting a bit confused if it is answering the PM or my last comment but wrv it is, don’t stop now haha.
Btw, maybe you can tell us that tale :wink:


Apparently somehow both? Woopsie! xD


"Once upon a time…there were seven brave explorers;

  • Sao Seiknid, a simple but able bodied young woman who was light on her feet and dreamed of tending to all the sweet little animals

  • Captain Ishar, a retired royal guard sent to keep the pioneers safe

  • Likoi, a lone artisan who wanted to find new inspiration for his work

  • Lady Casi, a high spirited student of herbal remedies who came to seek ways to work with the challenge of the area’s sparse plant life

  • Sconia, a brilliant but warped mind who becomes very harsh with any who questions her beliefs and system of behaviors revolving around the Ancient Ones…who may have been sent in the hopes that if there WAS going to be a casulty, welllll…

  • Pegishy, and her bunny Fluffy, a frail but hard working young woman who was very kind in nature and sought every way to help every living being at every chance…

  • T. Bantine, a quiet lone soul who wanted to prove she could make the land of red stones flourish with green life…

They found a starting place that was satisfactory to most of the party; near an Ancient Monument to appease Sconia, with a good view for Ishar to watch for any potential threats, which was an inspiring vantage point for Likoi, and Pegishy was just happy to be included…"


"While the others set to arranging the supplies and putting up ladders to access the ridges above as well as the grassier terrain below, Likoi set up his own little crafting area and Sconia took up the Mason’s chisel. No one was quite sure what she was up to, but equally did not want to question her, lest she decide potentialyl “mistake” their skull for a stone…

Mr. Sweet, Lady Casi’s faithful fox, acted as an overseer of the setup, chattering what Sao insisted was squeaks of encouragement, but was most likely actually just about nuts.

Fluffy, on the other hand, hid out by the fire pit, clearly not terribly amused by all the fluster.

They brought out the reserves of materials sent along by the Palace’s resource distribution center, and set to work on the beginnings of what they hoped would be a promising crossroads town."


“Though it was nothing grand in its early days, the community was hard working and relatively friendly, with even the loners occasionally contributing to the conversation - though never near as much as they contributed to the effort.”

"So much so, that even as the sun disappeared behind the tall mountain ridges for the first time, everyone had a bed to sleep in, and there were tables set off in isolated areas for those who could not comfortably eat with the rest.

Tonei started up a humble garden in an effort for them to keep something in their stomachs; Turnips, Carrots, Pumpkins, Potatoes, and Mushrooms. …no one was quite sure why she planted mushrooms, but it seemed rude to question her about it."

“Alas, while their initial efforts were strong, the roads remained empty at the dawn of the new day…”


"Legend has it, that Sconia erected the first known “Altar to the Ancient Ones” in that very settlement that may have very well been a contributing factor to the rise of the Cultists…

And Stonelings were the only thing on the road after the next sunrise…


But this community was also where the pioneering Tunnelway Project was first established.

It seems that will be a tale for another day, though, for the noble @datfisheko believes a solution has been found for the UI error, and so we shall next return to our modern day Expedition in the Swamp at Willow Hearth. I do so hope you enjoyed the brief first chapter of this tale. Perhaps we shall return to hear more someday~"


Aaah, I clicked before reading “Both!” :sweat:
Reconsider my vote, plox

  • BOTH!
  • Kitty’s Founder’s Tale
  • The Benefactor’s Experiment Logs
  • Hmm…I’m not really sure
  • Bah. I didn’t care for either! :pouting_cat:

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If you don’t mind, please feel free to elaborate on the reasoning for your vote? :blush:


I really like the way the Benefactor comments about his experiments and as the noble-ish way Kittys do it with her tales. Said that, I can’t have only one of them.


And so we return to the Benefactor and her team out in the Swamp;
Including the start of something quite familiar :wink:

Ah, excellent; Kai and Tonei have set to work! Good, goooood…you two keep at that, we need EVERYTHING that I left in your work orders. Oh, and probably more things I’ll think of later; lots of looooove, darling! Now I’ll slink away before you get the chance to look up and glare at me again. Hopefully you’re not just ignoring me. That wouldn’t work too nicely.

See? You’re such a wonderfully hard workers, and it pays off so nicely, doesn’t it? I told you I knew what I was doing! What do you mean, “I wouldn’t go that far”? Hmph!

How lovely; random socializing, and the beds have gone up! It’s only a temporary setup, of course, but we just can’t have people collapsing from exhaustion in random places; they’ll sleep so poorly that everything else will get done too slo- I mean, it’s not good for them!

Kai, darling, be a dear and whip together 4 more beds? Thaaaaanks~ <3

<coughs, takes a sip of water> Thank you, Emmie, I needed that. <sniff, sniff> …where did you get this, we don’t have the well set up yet…? Ew…

How lovely, people stopping to have dinner tog- DINING TABLES AND CHAIRS! I forgot those! KAI!

Emmie’s decided he wants to see if you can fish in the murky waters of the swamp, while Roth thinks he’s absolutely foolish and they must start farming if they want to build up their food stocks. Well, no, Roth didn’t say that, but you could clearly see it in his expression…

Seems Nina’s little fox friend was also curious about the fish! Pity you can’t actually catch us some, little guy. Then you’d actually be useful!

Oh, you are SUCH a social little group <3

Well done, Tonei! It looks like the altar from the story! I love it! What do you mean “Of course you do”…?

Nina, darling, why do you let him run around on the table while you eat…?

Altros, your fox is trying to steal your wife’s dinner…but it’s so nice to see people dining together!

You…want to start working with metal now? No, no, that…is a very noble and beneficial pursuit…it just means you won’t be working at the altar…well, we’ll just have to get someone else doing the masonry now in your place!

You want to start chasing down something bigger than fish, Emmie? Oh, of course! Good luck with your hunt, bring us back lots of tast- I mean, use- uh…animals.


In light of a recent issue involving the game suddenly crashing and the only save file that would load being the one I forgot to save onto since Day 1…the Benefactor is a little peeved with me at the moment and will be stewing for a bit before she starts up another Experiment. Soooo in the mean time…might see another Tale from Kitty, or a continuation of the prior one.


This must be a new record, even for you :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a bit frustrating, lol. Gonna remember to set up auto-save on the next one.
Oh, and no…even excluding the one higher up in the threat where a technical issue ended things on the first day before, I’ve had one end that quickly for non-technical reasons before as well. I am hexed, I swear…

I feel I’m overly dragging out this thread, though. Maybe I should start writing them on the side, instead of during play…