Different clothing, armor, weapons, furniture for desert

This is probably something to be left for the modders to do; I know you guys still have a lot of work ahead of you. But the furniture, armor and to a lesser extent the clothing look really out of place in the desert. How about large cushions instead of chairs (uses no wood! ahh? ahh?), armor topping out at studded leather instead of plate, and cutlasses, flails and pole axes instead of swords, maces and spears (respectively). Wooden structures shouldn’t even be an option; cloth tents might be more appropriate.

I really like the heavy reliance on clay more than stone, and that should extend to something else in place of wood. Sadly it makes sense that we can’t plant trees in the desert, but at the same time it’s hard to consider trading for wood as a substitute for clearing the land around you. Having wood as such a fundamental ingredient in so many recipes (fire pit, armor, ingots) is harder to manage, but ultimately only makes for a slower game as we wait for the right traders or enemies to spawn.

Related, I can’t tell whether a clay chair (table, bed) is intended to be better, worse or the same as wood versions. There’s no advanced version that includes weaver items, so I’m assuming wood furniture ends up conferring more benefits. I’m sure there’s something not yet implemented here, and if so maybe a quick note in the descriptions would help us understand a little better.

Thanks for all your hard work so far!