Defenses Anyone?

How about some defenses like pit traps and spikes?I personally think that defenses like traps and etc. would help out a lot with attacks on the player’s kingdom.Even though most players are good at defending their kingdom, there is the occassional casulty of the battle which can be extremely annoying because some people have trouble getting thier daily hearthling and the casulty might have been someone/somthing important.With defenses like traps, the game could be made easier for those who struggle and help out kingdoms in the future multiplayer update defend angainst another player.

Who agrees with this?


If there already was going to be an update for traps and likewise, please tell me with a reply to this topic.

Greetings BlockCrafter89!

I think that this would most certainly work! I also think this should be added! So far as I know, I have not seen anything like it, though it could be that someone is working on a mod of some sort as such? If not, perhaps someone should?

On the matter of setting them up, if should you set up a spiky pit that a Goblin should fall into, should not the same rules apply for the villagers? It can be dangerous! I am not sure how it would be handled. Perhaps they could avoid it with a path?

I also think that there should be a report after battle as to how many hearthlings you have lost, or how many pesky Goblins perished!

Good question and it is most certainly a good topic.

-Wizard Max-

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I believe one of the Trapper’s - as-yet-unimplemented - level-up abilities was called something like “The Deadliest Catch” and had a description that hinted at being able to leave traps for goblins. (Could someone show proof? That would be great, thanks.)

The engineer might also give us some fun stuff to play around with.


We have at least one other topic that goes into the defensive gameplay

The disussion is not very long though:

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