Cook Recipes and Images Match Poorly

Last time I checked, the meat stew had no pumpkins in its ingredients, but heavy alchemy must be at work here. According to the image, it’s about 100% pumpkin.
Of course, the pumpkins in the vegetable stew aren’t visible at all, as with every other ingredient.

Side-note: The cook still has a ton of weaver recipes in its recipe folder. They’re not available in-game, but they’re duplication and taking up space for no reason, so it might be best to ninja delete them in a coming update.


The meat stew image must be a placeholder, don’t forget the cook is really fresh (and r2494 is a dev build!) and need much more love!


Still has incorrect image in develop-2513. Something to pick on @Tom about for the next stream? Pretty sure that’s his copy/paste failure from when he was making the recipes on stream.


well my guess was the cook is just a quick “place holder” for the moment, kinda like what the shepard currently is, im sure he’ll get upgraded soon.

but then again, im generally wrong about this kinda stuff :laughing:

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Sure it’s a place holder. It’s just that once the Qubicle model for the Meat Stew was made, it would have taken 15 seconds to create an image from it (Qubicle has a very handy function for exactly that). Either he forgot to make the image or he forgot to copy the image over with the .qb file. Either way, it’s very easily corrected.


It seems obvious to me that the cook is using a hollowed out pumpkin as an edible bowl that is cooked by the heat of the meat stew. Simply lift the lid, have the stew, and then finish up with steamed pumpkin for dessert. Now served with cinnamon sprinkles, curly fries and a drink.