The cook, the animation, the time, and the alpha 12

I think the cook really needs some new crafting animations and such. For example, when he made stew, his pot would fill with water. He would put the food in, which wouldn’t need to change sprite due to the fact that, if done properly, the water would cover the basket. He would then stir and salt+pepper, and boom! He’s done. As for “the time”, I think some of the cooks recipes should take a considerable amount of time, but some he could just leave alone while the food cooks. As for, “the alpha 12”, I think we should hold off most of the cooks recipes until alpha 12, since in alpha 12, we would have multiple crafting stations, which he would have a multitude of. (Pot, stove, etc…) He could even require a different crafter make some of his workshops! Tell me what you guys think and I’ll see ya later!


different crafting stations sounds good
I really can’t see my master carpenter crafting some fine dressers on that ol’ wood chopping block anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
a pedal driven sawmill or hand cranked lathe would be cool too

as for the cook it indeed makes sense if he had more than one pot to cook in if the meals take more time and could be left unattended for some time (maybe depending on the cooks level etc)

well then you’ll like alpha 12 :wink: (unless plans changed)

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:3, topic:14964, full:true”]well then you’ll like alpha 12 :wink: (unless plans changed)

I already love alpha 11 (despite the usual alpha/beta hickups) so bring it on ^^
are there any un/official anouncments on what comes next?

check out my post in another one of @Sandwitch’s threads ,

and the only thing that’s 100% confirmed is better pathfinding,

also, sorry for the slight derailment @Sandwitch :grimacing:


Yah, ya got that right!

As for long-time recipes and unique animations, anyone else up for that?


Most definitely! When making a stew bubbles arise from the pot and maybe when you zoom in closer to it the pot makes this bubbly oozing sound?

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Ooooh! That’s neat! We could have sizzling for the grill, and so on so forth!

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