Combat Units so far

So I am making a mod which relies much so on dealing with lots of options. and well I wanted show off some people before I continue on more art. I appreciate any comments or criticism I do want to improve. These are all Medieval Militia Soldiers.

Pavise Crossbow

Bill and Heavy Bill

Pike and Heavy Pike

Polearm and Heavy Polearm

Town Militia

Urban Militia



Spear and Heavy Spear


I’m loving the armor design. Really sticks out!
Also liking the bow, looks like a Japanese yumi :wink:

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Looks great so far :slight_smile: Thanks for making a combat mod :slight_smile:

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love it but make the some of them two handed like the halberd and more size correct but other wise I’m loving it like favourite topic right now thats in its prime

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excellent work! love the crossbows, and that Urban Militia’s axe looks… intimidating… :smile:

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They are 2 handed haven’t done the animation yet just showing off the model, also yes I want to fix the halberd lol

anyway all the models are so good and I’ve been waiting for somebody to do this that can actually model

The communist logo is missing on the shield.


Maybe a communist group added just for you

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Part 1 of stuff to get done this does not include items that’s a whole separate sheet.


it wouldn’t be bowyer it would be fletcher and i other wise love this when this saris getting modded ill actually have to by stone hearth even if i have no money

Knight mk1 most likely going to change

Now that you’ve made dismounted knights you gotta make horses :smile:

excellent work i will watch with much interest

Update Clothing done for good amount of professions

From left to right Worker, Weaver, Carpenter, Assistant Carpenter


nice work @Nestlebar


i like the color pallette… very subdued medieval…