Categorize more items (in placement menu and perhaps elsewhere?)

At least in the placement menu, some of the items you have available will show up as “uncategorized”. I thought it might be nice to make a topic where we can list the ones for which this is the case, to help the developers out (although they (or modders) may have much easier ways of getting such a list).

I’ve explicitly noticed this for the following items. There are probably others; feel free to post these here (preferably with screenshots or some such evidence) and I will add them to the list.

  • Simple Wooden Chair
  • Cathedral-Arch Chair
  • Dining Table
  • Table for One
  • Wooden Wall-Mounted Sign
  • Weaver’s Wall-Mounted Sign
  • Wooden Door
  • Wooden Dresser
  • Wooden Garden Lantern
  • Wooden Wall-mounted Lantern
  • Wooden Window Frame
  • Writing Desk

Incidentally, “Wall-Mounted” has the M capitalized for the signs, but not the lantern.


I would like to see categories that are similar to the in- output of my crafters. So I don’t have to put all plants and stuff in one stockpile, only those that my weaver needs. So you could easily create stockpiles for your carpenter and his friends without putting a lot of “useless” stuff into their houses. For placement you could use these categories or just search for specific items via name.