Item Tooltip Categorization

Just as a little extra bit of information for nit-picky (or even orderly) players, how about adding what an item is categorized under (i.e. how an Oak Log would go under Wood in the stockpile, or a Spool of Thread is part of the Thread and Cloth) in the upper right hand corner of the item’s profile/frame/on the opposite side from the name and tooltip. I think this would help with organization a little bit, as I like to put items that a crafter uses in/around their building, with furniture or other crafted goods going somewhere else. The weaver would be a prime example of this, as I always end up with so much ingredients for them!

I don’t know if it’s possible, but instead of just placing a text box or something there and manually typing the category type, it pulls what it is from the engine instead? So, if (this is just for example) a chair was changed from being part of furniture, to a part of the Doors and Windows, instead of going around to the chair (and any other affected item) and editing the tooltip manually, it updates automatically. Things that have no category (like the banner, or with the bug concerning jerky) would just state No Category or None or something.

I’m not exactly sure if it would help with bugfixing/problem solving, or heck, it would even be possible, but I think it would be a good implementation!