Canyon Biome mod


I like the canyon biome idea. But I’ll wait till there’s actually water in places it says there will be water.

I’ve found so many seeds where I thought “This would be a cool place for a mountain city” between two peaks with water below. And then there’s no water where it says there will be. :frowning:


Now that I’ve got stonehearth back up running, I plan to finish my first “tutorial settlement” which is meant more for learning the system. Am eyeing this biome for a second one (or rather, a first real settlement built to surrounding).

Am toying with this idea: a settlement that is entirely built on (into) a raised plateau, with all ways to ground level cut off (temporary ones can be made with ladders, e.g. to allow migrants to climb up). Wanted to test abnormal building process without access to the ground to build scaffolding the usual way…

Any variants with plateaus of good size and nice steep cliff surfaces? (would be nice if there are some trees on top, but then again, it could be a challenge, wood-deprived and had to plan “wood rushes” to climb down and quickly harvest some wood then retreat back, removing the ladder access)


Yeah, I noticed it too. Only big lakes end up in the actual map.
But I discovered why. The mountain algorithm is being too aggressive. It is generating over the lakes.

If you can glitch your camera somehow inside the mountains, and get a “clipped” vision, you will notice the lakes are actually there, underground!


I found a perfect world seed and was starting out my city on the mountaintops, then tragedy struck and people started dying(waited too long to start getting food). I copied the world seed but for the life of me I can’t figure out where I clicked to establish my town, I’ve reloaded that world seed 15 or so times, I’m starting to think I copied the seed down wrong. :frowning:


Now that you said that, I noticed that the long mountains were indeed just stretches. This makes everything less pretty, you basically have a bunch of stripes of mountains from top to bottom. Given the small tools you had for this, you did a good job though.


I had noticed this as well as I had a few maps that actually has a layer of terrain hanging like a ledge over the water. I was just considering them to be like flooded caves.


Finally got a seed I was looking for when you first announced this mod.

A mountain range-style town with a casym(with water) down below.

Some more pics


I did not go with water on this one. I was looking for a spot that offered a large enough open area for the goblins camps to spawn. The stepped mountain offers some fortification and I plan on putting a castle on the top of it.


just tried the biome.
unfortunately, my plan of starting and living purely on a cliff has failed because the brown regions cannot support farms… lol. well, will have to think of another way of using the terrain.


This looks really cool, totally evocative of somewhere out west or in the Australian outback! Just needs Wile E. Coyote.


I am a massive fan of this. You should definitely make a mod out of it!


hmm I don’t know much about biome modding yet, but is it possible to make a variant with the top of the canyon arable? Then I can say goodbye to the “low lands” forever :wink:


If I remember correctly, Radiant was going to add a way to move dirt blocks to other areas.

So possible future farmable mountaintops


yeah. that would be the most flexible one. (e.g. rooftop farms?)
still, it is a feature of unknown ETA. I was looking more at something I could play the coming weekend :slight_smile:


I can add “grass” block to every layer and disguise then as the colored rocks, so the game will treat then as farm friendly areas.
Should I do it?

Also, I want input on the general generation. Should I keep the same shapes? Or should I change it to have more flat areas and a few pillars? (Like in the coyote cartoon) In the posts above I added 5 pics each with different generations.


If it’s possible to have a mix of larger canyons and some spires scattered through, I’d say that would look the best. Having a whole map of smaller spires may be too much; but if you have some in the gaps between larger canyons then that will not only look great, but it will allow players to build awesome things to connect the spires to the canyons around them.


I love this mod and I have been using it for a new Rayya’s children game. Is there anyway that the color palette used can be added to the clay building materials? So that when you build homes they look like they were actually built out of the surrounding materials much in the way pueblo architecture does.


That mod kind-of exists separately, here :slight_smile: It adds all the natural terrain colours for both the desert and forest biomes, so there should be some nice colour matches with the colours in this mod.

However, some of the brighter colours probably won’t match up as nicely; so it would be great if @Relyss and @BrunoSupremo could organise a crossover/add-on mod to add the new colours into the palette as well.

While that’s being done, it’s probably worth adding any new terrain colours from the Archipelago and Anorien biome mods in the same package, just to have all bases covered with a single “modded biomes terrain slabs all-in-one” mod – that should save end-users a little bit of time, and mean only one add-on to worry about keeping up to date with the biome mods themselves.

And if players happen to get biome colours from biomes they’re not using… well, honestly I don’t think that anyone is going to complain about that! :smile:


Yeah :slight_smile: Having a larger color palette is a gift unto itself.


Oh, that’s a good idea. Adding new colors for clay blocks. From what I know, I think it is easy to do. (Not sure though)
I will take a look later, and also fix some of the problems with the goblin campaign not spawning.

The way we are doing this is kinda hard and needs manual updates with every change or addition. Ideally the building “terrain blocks” would auto-match the terrain colors. That way it would only need one grass block, which would have the correct color of the biome (plus those border colors). :slight_smile: That though would be hard to code.

If she wants, she can add any color from any of my biomes, no permission needed :wink: