Cannot Place Custom Buildings Up in the Air over Water

I designed a couple custom buildings, consisting of segments for a stone bridge. One segment is the stairs and the other are sections of bridge. The theory being I could modularly build a bridge using these section buildings to fit the specific terrain features in any future maps I play. The stairs seem to build okay, with the exception of two scaffolding pieces that never got removed. But the bridge segment suffers a placement bug wherein the UI acts like it’s going to allow me to place the segment adjacent to the top of the stairs, but when I click to confirm the placement, the UI drops the segment down to the waterline.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a bridge in pieces, consisting of two buildings; the stairs and at least one segment of bridge.
  2. Attempt to place them in the world.

Expected Results:
I expected the UI to allow me to place a building in the air, because I was placing it adjacent to a building that had already been built, so I thought it should let me build the new building as being attached to the stairs.

Actual Results:
It does not seem to account for the presence of other buildings at all when determining validity, so it makes no attempts to join them. As a result, it sees the building as being in an invalid location and attempts to “fix it for me.” Or at least, that’s my guess.

Positioning the segment:

After trying to place the segment:

Custom Buildings: (1.4 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 D2807


i can confirm this, was disappointed that i couldnt have my boat float on the water next to my dock… :sweat:


ive had a similar issue but im not sure if its part of that…
I had build a wall to protect my farming area then I wanted to attach another area onto that wall but I could not. I had to place a starting wall beside the column I was hoping to start the second set of walls from

thats not a bug, just an unimplemented feature, hopefully when building gets another visit we’ll be able to add to already constructed buildings…


ah ok was not sure if that was classed as a bug or not. looked like it suited this one -sweatdrop-

If you want to place that building, bridge, at the correct height there is a way to do it.

  • First draw a fake column where the centre of the template you want to build is going to be. Raise it until it has the height needed so the template that is going to go on top of it is at the correct height.
  • Finish editing but do not build it. Use a colour easily recognizable for the column.
  • Place the template on top of said column. The templates will not merge, do not worry.
  • Remove the column, The recognizable colour comes handy here ;).
  • Build your template.

If the middle section still falls consider changing the design so that it overlaps slightly with the stair section.

I hope this helps.
Have fun, Kyth.


sadly i tried that method, @Kythandra, and it still didn’t work… :sweat:

I think I have found the solution to the problem. Marvel at the “Flying boat”.

The trick is simple: :slightly_smiling:

Include a column beneath the boat in the original design with the desired heigth. Place the template and delete the column before building it. The boat will be built in the air!
For the middle sections of the bridge it will work the same. You may need two templates though, for shallow and deep waters.

Have Fun, Kyth.
PS: Now I only need to add wings to the boat and FLY AWAY!!!


The question back to TR is: Should this be necessary?

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paging @not_owen_wilson just for his thoughts. Should this be necessary, or are there roadmap items that will address this eventually?

@megashub, I was able to build your two templates without the workaround in my test world. It wasn’t over water (if that matters), but I was able to place the segment next to the stairs without seeing them fall to the ground.


Oh? Okay, I’ll retest with latest and let you know if I can replicate.

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Re-tested. Water does matter. Adjusting title accordingly.


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i’m guessing that your re-tests were in R549, if you could confirm what version you’re using that would be great.

Oh! Yes. Sorry, my bad. I’ve gotten so used to screenshots including that data that I took it for granted. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, no worry’s mate, its not so much of a problem with these “stable” builds because everyone should be on the same release, but you should always should double check. :slight_smile: