Can I spawn in enemies?

I really want to spawn in some Veranus (I hope I spelled that right ha ha) but I couldn’t find anything in the item stamper so I’m wondering if there’s a command I can use? :smiley:

Look for “alligator” - that’s how they are in the uris if I recall correctly.

But I also think they come neutral, so you’d have to use lua commands to turn their amenity to hostile :stuck_out_tongue:

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To make it hostile, just select it and in the Lua console (not the ordinary console) run e:set_player_id('forest')


Won’t attacking it turn it hostile? Thanks heaps you guys :smiley:

I can’t find Alligator in the list. How do I spawn them?

It’s definitely an alligator:


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It’s not coming up when I type “all”…most of the others pop up if you match part of the name. I will have another look perhaps I typoed or something! :slight_smile:

Also they are soooo cute!! :smiley:

How do I get the bigger ones? Also these are not dropping any loot? And they are so much weaker than their actual in game versions. 10 of these isn’t even as strong as one that spawns on the actual map lol.

I wish I could attack these to make them hostile or something also…or use the shift command. Anything. I want to spawn lots of them in I don’t want to sit there clicking them and entering commands (which I haven’t even found how yet LOL) for each one lol. It would be cooler if they spawned in hostile.

Try running this in the Lua console (blue angle bracket debug tool):

                 campaign_name = 'ambient_threats',
                 encounter_name = 'giant_alligator_raid_6',
                 arc = 'trigger'
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Yes!!! This is perfect thank you so much!! :smiley:

Is there stonehearth.game_master:get_game_master(‘player_1’):debug_trigger_campaign_encounter({
campaign_name = ‘ambient_threats’,
encounter_name = ‘giant_alligator_raid_6’,
arc = ‘trigger’
}) one of these for any other enemies?

Yep, just replace “giant_allicator_raid_6” with any of the other raid campaign nodes (you can use the campaign browser to find them), or simply trigger any of the raids via the campaign browser.

You can also spawn specific enemies via the item/entity stamper; however they’ll default to the “forest” faction and you’ll have to select them and use a command to set them to the appropriate faction. On the plus side… you can also set them to other factions for shenanigans. Ever wanted a pet/tame Zilla to defend your town with? How about spawning a few goblins and undead together and making them the same team?

Ok Thanks :jubilant: