Stop spawning in enemies at lowest point

I just purchased the game a couple days ago. I’ve got 30 hours or more in now. I’m a bit tired of random spawns in my mines. It does make sense for some enemies, but there needs to be some context. Say if you’re mining and you come across “dark rock*” you have a high chance of rock monsters emerging from it but also high in ore. (as example)

A random group of wolves poofing in 5 layers below in a mine that only has access to the surface via 2 guards in max armor and weapons, a castle, moat, bridge, 3 more guards, a small maze and tree fort. That is a hard thing to grasp even in this style of game. No it wasn’t a problem to deal with, but it’s one of those things that annoy you at the core…

All in all, great work, having tons of fun. Thanks for the game.


*dark rock- thing I made up as some sort of spawn system underground, the more you dig in it the more chance enemy spawn.