Any cheats / mods to spawn people/items?

Before you call me a scum, please keep in mind i played a lot of stonehearth, and wanna make squad of troopers patrolling areas and etc.

Creative mode is nice, but theres no point in any troopers/armor if theirs nothing to fight

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They are still making the game, it’ll more things to fight… I sure. :slight_smile:

I believe he means he wants to have creative powers while in a normal game. Aka he can spawn people and items into a normal game where monsters and such can spawn.

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@ is the command console

ib is insta build i don’t know much else
theres definitely a delete option

Its seems to me like he sounds bored of the amount of troops who attack, it sounds like he wants hoards of zombies/goblins/skeletons to attack so he can actually use a group of Footman…

What exactly do you mean @JakZe ?

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For me it’s the ` or ~ key that opens up the command console.
I know that there’s ib and destroy, and there’s supposedly an automine command but idk what you type to activate it.

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well… i may have just been going crazy when i said that, though i was certain that i heard there was one.

Well, if there isn’t one, one should be added, perhaps a simple automine/harvest. Eh @sdee @Tom ?

oh yeah

also i think you can’t do insta mine from inside the game you have to activate in the game code

not sure though

If you want to increase the number of people who attack your town, the easiest way to do that is to open undead_raid.json and increase the # of skeletons from 1 to however many you want. :slight_smile:

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