Adding Citizens Via "Cheats"?

Hello! I’ve been playing Stonehearth for over a year now, and love what we have! However, now I want to have some fun, as in, no-restrictions kind-of fun.

I searched the forums and the webs, and many of them pointed to editing “immigration_scenario.json” in stonehearth/scenarios/ but I cannot find that file or folder anywhere in the scenarios folder. Have there been recent changes that removed this file/feature?

Thanks a bunch for the help! Love the game, Team Radiant! Just looking for a new way to play while I wait for Alphas 11 and 12! :smile:

Hope this helps.


The debug tools? So, I need to download something separate… :neutral_face:

Stephanie did a nice video on debug tools, you ca find it here


Can’t find Stephanie’s video. :neutral_face: “The page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner.”

does this link work?`

Yes, Yes indeed. Thank you!!