Console Command - Spawn Entity

Hello there.
I’d just like to leave a few console command ideas that I think would be useful for solving villager-based bugs and increasing the play value of sandbox mode.

I’m suggesting that, when a chance arises, new console commands that can help with recovering from bugs and increasing play value be added. One of these, spawn_entity we’ll call it, could spawn user-defined villagers, goblins, zombies, or other creatures near the focus of the camera. Spawning new villagers would be a major benefit for these early versions of the game as [from personal experience] sometimes old villagers can be stuck in the terrain and it takes far too much work to get them back out. It would be easier to simply destroy them and make another, or have the ability to use something similar teleport_entity to move them to a different location.

This next idea isn’t so much for bug recovery as it is for expanding sandbox- I think sandbox mode could benefit from having a command such as spawn_item which would spawn a number of any defined item such as wood, stone, weapons, furniture and more at the town flag. A command like this would make it much easier for players to create new blueprints on sandbox to use in normal mode, or just to have the excess resources so they can build their dream city in sandbox mode.

The last idea I had was to change the stats of selected villagers through a command such as stat_set with strength, mind, spirit and then a number, or even having them separately as set_str, set_min, and set_spi. I feel like that would help to recreate citizens lost to the terrain bugs or even making supervillagers for those weird days you feel like pitting a one-man-army against everything the world has to throw at him. It should probably just be capped from 1-6 like default settings.

And those are all of my immediate suggestions for the console. Sorry if I made it similar to any other post ahead of time.


add_citizen will do this now, assuming you have the debug tools installed


check out: Twitch

she shows you how to use the devtools to place any item in the game (including hearthlings and goblins)

edit - it seems people are still stumbling upon this link, so here is the archived version that should continue to work: Twitch


also add a command to move an object or heartling. When they get stuck in the floor for example, so you can move them to a new location.

reset will do this already to some extent.

Just select an entity, open the console and enter reset.


On a [partially] related note, is it possible to start the Normal Mode
campaigns [Undead / Goblin invasions, etc.] in Peaceful Mode using the
console / dev tools?

To the best of my knowledge, no, that is not possible. But my knowledge isn’t absolute by any means, so let me ask @yshan who wrote a lot of debug tools, and @linda, who did a lot of the new campaign stuff for A14 to be sure :wink:!


It is not currently possible to start a normal campaign on peaceful mode because the tests require combat campaigns to be on not peaceful difficulty. We might be able to add a command to change your game mode from peaceful to normal mode …


Thank you, both for the current knowledge, and in advance if you do find a way to add this.

so how do i enter it?

just press ctrl + c to open the console, just make sure you have the debug tools installed or this command will not show up :wink:.

ok out of date… wtf more errors… plaese fix

What errors are you getting? Did you install and enable the debug tools?

nvm fix it there was a save errror with a other mod

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