What prompts more villagers to join?

I am really not sure if this was asked, but I would love to know what prompts villagers to join my town?? Like is it Net Worth?? Or How much food I have… I don’t know! I’ve had a Net Worth of 24k and no one ever joined and no caravan showed up!! and I had other games where I would get lots of people joining and lots of Caravans and Traders, but its super hard to get that to happen! Happened to me once!!

  "scenario_data" : {
  "expiration_timeout" : "6h",
  "happiness_threshold" : 4,
  "food_threshold" : 10,
  "score_threshold" : 500,
  "title" : "A traveller approaches your town.",

Don’t understand XD Could I some how modify that??

What file is that is a good question also lol

the immigration_scenario.json file is found in \stonehearth\scenarios\dynamic\immigration_scenario

You can modify it with notepad.

Basically, the file currently dictates that a minimum happiness of 4, and a net worth of 500 are required for successful immigration. If you lower the expiration value, the immigration scenario should, in my experience, trigger more often.


I am gonna try this! I will let you know if anything happens :smiley:

Where is it at in the Steam Folder??? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the root steam folder can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth

and by extension, this complete path would be:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\scenarios\dynamic\immigration_scenario\immigration_scenario.json

Hmm My Stonehearth doesn’t have a Scenarios folder…

Close @SteveAdamo

Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth.smod… open using extraction tools, then navigate to \stonehearth\scenarios\dynamic\immigration_scenario. Change the file, and then repack.


When you say “extraction tools”, any particular software packages come to mind? I’m fairly new to modding, and can use all the help I could get

Most .zip file software works - I use WinRAR personally. That’s all .smod files are basically - renamed .zip files :wink: .

So 7-zip will do the trick good to know, and thanks for the info.

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What are some settings you have yours at to make villagers join faster!

One or two of the forum members have had issue in the past with 7Zip. I’d recommend WinZip or WinRAR.

 "scenario_data" : {
 "expiration_timeout" : "2h",
 "happiness_threshold" : 2,
 "food_threshold" : 2,
 "score_threshold" : 2,
 "title" : "A traveller approaches your town.",

The above should increase your chances of a successful immigration, and increase the frequency.

Thank you Froggy you are the best:D

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I know this an old topic, but i dont want make another same topic.
I cant find these scenario files on alpha 10.5 ,anyone know where this files located, because the food requirement seems not balance,since i never ran out food

I can still find them under:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\scenarios\dynamic\immigration_scenario\immigration_scenario.json

Don’t mind old @voxel_pirate, he’s been out of the loop for a while :stuck_out_tongue: (Welcome back btw)

Villagers are enticed to your village through its prosperity , happiness and food surplus. If you don’t have a surplus, they wont join. 1 Carrot is not a surplus.

That said, if you want to tweak the values you can go here:

stonehearth.smod\stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\game_events\arcs\trigger\game_events\encounters and edit the daily_report_encounter.json

Im guessing the immigration scenario is now redundant. @Sdee immigration_scenario needs to be removed! :smiley:

Double edit. I could be wrong, in which case I will look silly. But I don’t think I am :smiley:

Triple edit:

Try changing:

     "growth_requirements" : {
        "food" : "50 + math.max((num_citizens-7), 0) ^ 2 * 50",


     "growth_requirements" : {
        "food" : "50 + math.max((num_citizens-7), 0) ^ 2 * 10",

I don’t ‘do maffs’, but if I did, that should significantly reduce the amount of food required


that was fast reply, thanks everyone love ya. this forum is so nice !

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