Where do new villagers come from?

As stupid as this question sounds, I’m just looking for a more “storyline” support. So are the starting founding villagers the founders of a nation? If so, do villagers just come from the edge of the map? Or will there be some predetermined factions/empires that will occasionally have immigrants that come to settle in your town?
Or if your starting villagers are not the founders of a nation, will there be randomly generated factions/kingdoms that the player can choose to be a part of? That way, it would make sense where the new villagers would come from.

Also, for incoming villagers, will they come will a random set of resources? I’d imagine some immigrants to come with more than clothes on their backs and maybe in a caravan.

This post ignores the presence or lack of presence in childbirthing.


I think it’s already been established that sometimes, Travelers will become Citizens of your Settlement.

Or, atleast it goes something like that.

@SteveAdamo, you can explain the rest.

Travelers…sounds too ambiguous. It’s not as if I didn’t understand it but its just that I’d like a more concrete background. You know…for story’s sake.

While we are at it, maybe @SteveAdamo can remind me if there will be a predetermined map of known kingdoms and hostiles. Even though I remember something similar like there isn’t really a “hard limit” to the boundaries of the ‘map’ the player can view, a predetermined generated map would be great for setting up a background story for the sandbox game that is Stonehearth. (And the map would expand as the player explores beyond the map’s original borders but the map part isn’t part of my question in this topic)


Just to talk about the mechanic for incoming villlagers a little bit, right now it seems as if your population will increase via travelling settlers should your town morale be high enough. You can check out [this thread f][1]or more information and discussion of it.

As for storyline wise, right now I don’t believe we’ve had any elaboration on whether they are travellers from an existing kingdom or what. I imagine we can assume that they are individuals who wise to start their own little paradise.

[1]: Morale and Population[quote=“athenalras, post:1, topic:5980”]
Or if your starting villagers are not the founders of a nation, will there be randomly generated factions/kingdoms that the player can choose to be a part of?

By this do you mean already pre-established settlements that you can take control over? I don’t think this will be a possibility, but it certainly does sound interesting for some sort of ‘challenge mode’, where you take control of an existing settlement and try and fix its problems or something.

I imagine so, like @EpicDwarf mentioned, right now it seems like they will be travellers who wish to join your settlement, but until we get our hands on it/ more info it’s a difficult thing to say!

That would make sense, especially if they are travellers. Again, don’t think we’ve had any elaboration on this unfortunately!


Maybe there should be an (extremely) late game item called a cloning machine. Instead of waiting for the caravan to arrive, you build the machine, put in some food and… Instant Villager!

The Machine could have an anti abuse mechanic such that villagers cost more food the bigger your population is, and If you use it too much, it will explode, causing all of the clones to get sucked in and your machine to get destroyed.
Also, it would have to be really end game as only the magician, magma smith and engineer combined could build it (or something like that).

There should be an endgame traveler named Calvin and he is the only character able to create a transmogrifier.

Welp, I’m glad at the progress the devs are making so far! With Engine and Tech almost done, that should account for a large part of the game already!


I was kidding about Calvin and his transmogrifier. It was pretty obvious but for clarity’s sake.

Having a predetermined generated map would take some of the spark from starting a new game. There however will be modules randomly spread around the landscape that can be used to create story-line points and such.

Once the game is more fleshed out and the implementation of the different Kingdoms is finished there should be more background information and such. Just remember that the game changes as as you play, so a set story-line is probably not going to happen but story and lore will generate depending on the choices you make.


Sorry, I meant to say a randomly generated map that can be considered as the “known world”.that the player knows the basic locales of certain places.

Also, I’m not exactly looking for a set story-line as that would really defeat the purpose of the game. but rather I’m just looking for support for the story. For example, right now new travelers will appear randomly from the edge of the map. Who knows where these travelers come from.
Then comes the question of inevitable expansion of the player’s field of view. Meaning that these travelers are going to have to go an even further distance before reaching the player’s settlement.
However, if these settlers/immigrants came from a preset location (randomly generated in a random location for a unique experience) then even when the player’s field of view engulfs that location, future settlers/immigrants will simply come from the location rather than the edge of the map.

This creates both story and a game mechanic.


Slams breaks on reading!


Reiteration for clarification is what I always say to double posting.


II think you should be able to hire villagers if they aren’t going to be reproducing on their own at certain times. I played for about 3hrs and decided to stop playing because I realized I wasn’t getting any villagers when all current conditions were met. I absolutely hate games that do what this games current requirement is.

they probably come from all the other towns that other people have made

I was hoping that I was just a retard and not letting my villagers breed properly; at some point my villagers seem to die of old age (?) or perhaps an invisible unnoticable goblin raider assassin, but either way in about 12 hours play I get maybe 3-4 ‘daily updates’ (mind you about 40 day cycles pass, so this is clearly coding instability) and 3 settlers joining with 10 dying. So the game is unsustainable no matter how I play until birthing is added. Surely Stonehearthers bonk?