Useful New Citizens

I’m not saying the new citizens you gain are useless, it’s just I wouldn’t mind seeing “Farmer (lvl 4) Luna Killmore has joined your settlement!”. i think it would give you an advantage and a goal rather than having a plain villager join.

What do you think?



I like the idea of this, and if a villager joins with no skills, I can send them alone as tribute to the Goblin village, teach them strangers to join my town without bringing any skills with them!

I think though, maybe a more story-telling approach could be made of people joining, so rather than it being when you meet certain goals (Or at least, telling us we’ve met a goal) the game could generate a story element “A refuge from a distant land has heard tales of your settlement.” or “A escaped prisoner from a near Goblin camp has come across your domain / settlement.”


there was a talk of rescuing hearthlings from goblins when the goblin campaign was first being made, i think that would be a good way to get hearthlings with professions…

on a similar note, it would be nice if we could see the hearthlings stats before they joined…


I’ve been thinking the same thing and I like the thought. The potential problems I see with it are:

  • If you’re just given a leveled up worker at random then you haven’t earned it. This could of course be fixed by making it less random. Like when you reach a certain net worth.
  • If you get a high level worker of a profession that you don’t need then it will be slow to level up in another profession (if I understood the level system correctly). This could be fixed by getting a chance to see the hearthling before you decide if it can join, like @8BitCrab wrote.

Other thoughts:

  • A hearthling could pass through your town, stay for a few days and work for food and shelter. It would feel more ok to have one of these be at a high level since it’s only temporary and it might take some extra supplies when it leaves.
  • A thieving hearthling could join you town, work a short while and then pack a bunch of stuff and try to run of with it. If you click it and expose it as a thief when it’s trying to leave your soldiers will attack.