Cheating, can we do it ? :D

Hello ! The player i’m is a really little wicked and i would like to know if we can actually cheat in game :smiley: !
By cheating, i mean change the actual value of your citizen in the three ability strengh, faith and mind to get everyone to have 6 6 6 (the devil :o ???) :smiley:

I don’t think i actualy see people talking of this but just for some test (olol, test, a nice way to use cheating in a good way xD ) it would be really good if there was a way to turn all of your villagers at the max of their ability :stuck_out_tongue:

actually there are console commands for changing the stats, though i dont know what they are…

i’m pretty sure that @Tuhalu knows them though.


you can also use the console commands to instant build (ib) and instant mine (im)

and if you use the debug tool, you can spawn items that you want, ini the place you want them.


8BitCrab Oh that’s sounds really interessting ! Thx for your fast reply my friend :slight_smile:
Well, if i can get them, i will be really interested to use them :blush:

Simica_Na, in the way i feel about cheating, it doesn’t seems to be called “cheating” even if it’s can really be used in that way, thx for your reply too mate :smile:

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come to think of it, using the help console command gives you a list of all available commands, so i would suggest checking for the commands that way.

hope that helps.

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Ok ! Thanks you a lot ! I never used a single time the console command so you provided me something really usefull ! I’m gonna have a try right now ! :blush:

Sooooooooo :stuck_out_tongue: there is a lot of usefull command but i can’t cleary see one who can add or increase value :frowning:
Sorry to bother you with that, there is a lot of more important things to do than helping me cheating haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked for some topic about the way you can use console to interract with villagers but nothing clearly who can do what i want :smiley:

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Wooooooooooooow mate ! The ib commands is REALLY USEFULL :o

I have some problem with some of my template, because i did something bad in the building process and some of my builders get stucked in the building… but with this command, there is absolutely no problem and you can build some nice thing :o

I’m amazed :smiley: ! I didn’t pointed out earlier the utility of this ! thanks you :blush:

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Well, i have searched on the forum and i think i’m the first to ask about this “cheat” of increasing value :stuck_out_tongue:

So i’m gonna wait for Tuhalu to reply me ! Thx you for your helping mate :slight_smile:

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If you download and install the debugtools mod, it will add a lot more cheats for you to use.

There is a cheat in debugtools for altering stats. ‘set mind 6’ and ‘set body 6’ etc etc


ah, i did not realize it was part of the debug tools.

i just tested and found the correct command, and was about to report back with the command and usage… good thing you got here first though :wink:


Wow that’s exactly what i’m looking for :blush:

Thanks you yshan and 8BitCrab, i’m gonna download the debug tools :smiley:

Many thanks <3

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I don’t think this is really cheating either. You are not gaining an advantage over anyone, and there are no real “objectives” to beat outside of the short campaign (as of now :wink:). As this is meant to be part sandbox, I don’t think there is anything wrong with ‘ib’, ‘im’, using the item dropper, or the like.


I was thinking the same thing but i called it cheating because it goes against the “natural system of randomize attribute” of this game to not get everyone to be “GENIUS” that is more a nice feature and human features ! <3

Thanks to everyone of you, I would never say it enough !

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and to finish with this, the commands "Set body 6 Set mind 6 and Set spirit 6 works fine :smiley:
I can “enjoy cheating” hahaha !


They have freeware programs like cheat engine can be useful.I used it to stop my prune dead listener or and other looping memory bug I could catch with it.With alot of mmo alpha testing under my belt.
I like to make sure cheaters are stopped hardest to catch are speed hacks.

You can set custom speed in the user settings, so I don’t really see that as a potential hack in the current state of the game

I feel really stupid asking this, but how do you open the console? ~ isn’t working for me anymore.

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Actually, it’s Ctrl + C in my game :smiley:

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it was originally ~ but has since changed into Ctrl + C

Where does one download the debug tools?