Gold can be changed like the character stats (tutorial)

heres a step by step tutorial for cheaters!!!
1 go to your stoneherth folder.
2 open the mods folder.
3 open the stoneherth.smod with any archiving program.
4 open ui
5 open data
6 open embark_shop.json
7 find starting gold (at the top)
8 optional make everything free by changing the cost of all the items
9 save and open the game
10 Have fun with this cheat
Do NOT i repeat do NOT make the value of the gold too high for me max is 100000
it will break the game if you do it any higher be careful!
i can cal this cheat experimental!
try it out i can say that it does defenetly work!

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Nice Mod, you read my mind I have been trying to figure out how to mod the Gold all day today so far. Thanks for the tutorial…

I am also trying to figure out how to mod within games that have already started, pretty difficult when you dont have the right programs to open up certain files…

no problem i am thinking about exp cheat too

oh i found out about something else if you go to mixins, base_humans, base_human.json and scroll to inventory you can change the capacity!!

That is awesome, what line of code is the inventory code on? I cant find it for some reason…

i open the stoneherth.smod and mixins then i open base_human folder after thet i open the base_human.json the 9:th line of code is named storage my bad not inventory sorry but change the capacity and have fun

btw do you like my picture?

Thx and yes I do, I am waiting for the Summer to watch the next one that is coming up.

ok i hope that i helped

and i learned all this in one single day

I did my Citizen Stats thing last night at around 12am so, yeah. Right now i am messing with the code to make OP citizens, it will be coming up soon when i am done…

ok and i am messing with the jobs in the game right now. can i ask you aa question do you?

Sure, we are probably doing the same thing.

What is the biggest building you have ever build and have you have made a template of it? and if you have made a template of it can you send it to me?

Yeah sure, Here it is. Its not really that big though. large housing (50.0 KB)

found somethin op out you can go in to entitys the weapons the wooden_sword folder then wooden_sword.json then the 7:th line of code thenbase damage set it to whatever you want and now wooden sword can be op as f***

oh btw have you seen the cook mod? its super cool and it has a quest too.

I have seen the mod and I have already messed with the swords and stuff its pretty fun…

ok im building my biggest house right now

im really looking forward to the multiplayer update too bad that they havent done any work on it