Cheating, can we do it ? :D

from TR’s github page

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Guys you can change a whole lot of things (all the attributes + morale) from the hearthlings without having to use the console. Just mod’em. you can have your character with super stats like 100 mind; 543 body; 4585468 spirit. I don’t recommend high values… but you can… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a simple process:

1- Go to …\Stonehearth\mods
2- Open “stonehearth.smod” (with winrar, 7-zip, etc…)
3- Go to stonehearth\mixins\base_human
4- Open “base_human.json” (with a txt editor)
5- Just edit what you want and save the file (don’t forget to update the .smod)
6- Profit! (these will take effect only in a new game, but every new one will have the changes)

Here’s what you can edit in this single file:
“backpack size”

Just be careful when changing “BODY”, if you set it too high then your stamina will be too high and it will bug out the sleep time, and your characters might sleep all the time. lol… learned that the hard way.

Anyway I hope this helped you guys. :wink:

EDIT: ALso, forgot to say, for simplicity just hold down “shift” when you place a building in the world, or when selecting an unfinished building placed, and a small menu will pop out with the options: “destroy”; “kill”, “Insta Build”, “Reset”. And you’re good for a faster insta build. Also work on mining, instead of “Insta Build” there will be “Insta Mine”. Keep in mind though that you won’t get any materials from insta Mining.

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Wow thanks you mate :smiley: That’s gonna be really funny to do :smiley:

Where do I extract the contents of the zip file?

in the mods folder, if your playing through steam that should be located under this file directory,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods

you’ll also have to rename it from debugtools-master to just plain old debugtools otherwise you might get some errors.

hope that helps.

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Hi everyone :smiley:
On the release 472, it look like the command “set mind 6” and other doesn’t work anymore :o
Is it on purpose :frowning: ?

EDIT : And here is why i’m an idiot :smiley:
I uninstall the game everytime there is a new update to keep it “fresh” and i just forgot that i deleted debugtools ! :smiley:
Don’t mind me, the command’s work xD

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shame on u carl -
with luv Kon.