Enemy Spawning Limits

Is there currently anything in place that stops hard enemies spawning in straight away? I started a new game in the desert (haven’t played desert before) and on my second day I had little stone men come in, and by this point I only had 2 soldiers and they couldn’t even damage one of them, so I was wondering is there currently or going to be anything to prevent hard enemies from spawning early on or is it just going to be luck?

What did you have your footmen equipped with?
You can greatly mitigate damage early with use of a Wooden Shield (Carpenter) if you’re playing in the Darkmoor Forest.
In the desert, your best option for early fight viability is a Stone Maul crafted by the Mason. Mine some stone from a nearby mountain and make 2 of them, it should boost your damage high enough to win the fight.
Are you using the Herbalist for Potions?

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There are a couple of things that are going on in regards to enemies. For Rayya’s Children, the game master is running 4 branches: rc_traders, game_events, goblin_war, and ambient_threats. The first 2 have nothing to do with enemies so I’ll ignore them.

goblin_war, as its name implies, manages the goblin campaign. It waits until you have 4,000 net worth. It is unlikely you hit 4,000 in 2 days, and you mentioned stone golems, not goblins.

So that leaves ambient_threats. Ambient threats does not start until the 2nd day, and then generates a random encounter every 24 hours or so. The random encounters should be “easier”, and you should need to reach “middle wealth” before you get the “harder” encounters.

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I think my game may have been bugged. I spent the first couple of days gathering materials so I only had my soldiers with wooden swords but I literally did no damage to the stone monsters but a day later (I killed the monsters using the destroy command) I got some more stone monsters attacking me and I killed them without any problem, I’m fairly certain I didn’t even take damage so unless they were invincible the first time I have no idea how I couldn’t even damage them the first time they attacked.

Interesting…Going to ping @linda to see this on Monday when she returns to work. She’ll likely have more questions for you if you don’t mind.

The little stone golems have 40 HP each, so it seems like you shouldn’t have had a problem with them unless something buggy happened. Do you happen to have a save file for that game?

Unfortunately not, unless autosaves are stored somewhere else after a new one is saved as I don’t save very often. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.