Shields what is up with those?


Do you have file extensions visible?


as i said above it works for the Mini version but not the Equipped


then check the names… might be some wrong letter over there


Bruno saddly i still run off Windows 7 ultimate so i do not have the View section :frowning:


Regardless thanks to you i was able to at least see a picture of what my shield looks like in game and it lines up with one of the ideas i had but i still need to see it in motion from many angles and in many positions.


The idea is to show file extensions to make sure you have it all correct. If you already have file extensions visible, you can ignore this


in that case yea i think i already have it by default.


hmmm, could you upload a pic of the file in the folder?
just to discard a typo (like wodoen_shield or wooden_sheild)
also int the stonehearth log check if this is over there:
Invalid file path


Oh, another thing, it is a good idea to start the game again to see the model changes.

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AH i got it working! i think it was the conflict of an Old folder compared to the updated game.

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Tho bruno can i get your Opinion? Which do you think would look better for the shield at the size? being help like it is in your picture? or being held like a normal Tower shield from top to bottom? Keep in mind it will be used by an Eleven Tank style job.


I ask you the same question that i just asked Bruno ^


Sorry, I know nothing about shields :stuck_out_tongue:
The only thing I did in my entire life about the topic was this turtle shield for the archipelago mod :smile:


hmmm i think there will be playing the animation too
in the base game they carry the shield horizontally during patroll

and then it changes to a vertically carried one when in combat

so your shield in the current state will be laying at one side during combat like my patroll one
(i’m NOT just showing stuff xD just joking, don’t take it that serious haha)

in other words, the lower tip of your shield will probably be too close of the weapon hand

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oh no no i did not take it as showing off you brought some thing to my attention that is a good point that i need to look into… i did not think about that.


you’ll have to test it and see how does it feel/looks better :wink:


is there a way to force a hostile encounter?


should be here

or use the debug tools with campaign events



so that is how it looks in combat


i think it is safe to say this Problem was Resolved