How to create enemies?

I try to put a wolf on the ground using the stamp tool, but I can’t attack it.
How do I change the relationship with the creatures when I’m using the stamp tool?
I’ve tried the command make_hostile, but it didn’t work.

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set_amenity hostile type at console

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I tried, but it didn’t work either. :cry:

Everything you place using the stamp tool goes directly to your ownership.

Changing it to hostile will never work, because that command will change the “faction” he is in to hostile, but he is already in your team. You can’t change your team to be hostile.

That command is to be used with selected entities of other teams. For example if you select an enemy goblin, you can then set its entire team to neutral or ally.

I do not know of an easy way to add specific enemies though.


Ah, so that’s the reason why.
Thank you, Worldbuilder.:wink:

hello, i tryed to use the commands to change the hostility of an entity (an orc for exemple) and it didn’t work.

The command is :

set_amenity - change player amenity/relationship with the selected entity’s faction (friendly, neutral, or hostile). usage set_amenity hostile.

I use it by selecting the orc (i summoned him with debug tools) and the console write “true” , so i exept to see him hostile but he stay neutral.

Please help me, I really need this command.

Everything you spawn with debug tools pertains to your faction, so applying a new amenity won’t do anything, because you’d be changing the amenity of your own whole population, so everything stays friendly because there’s nothing to compare it with.

If you need to spawn enemies, open the campaign master, click on the ambient threats node, and trigger raids from there (there are trigger links on the different nodes, although sometimes you need to fulfill the requirements). The amenity of those raids can be changed with the set_amenity command (will change amenity of all the enemy population at once).

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