Burg Eichenstein

This is really impressive work. It’s the attention to period architectural detail that really makes it shine. Are those flying buttresses on the church?

Yes, they are. I was expecting them to be more troublesome but the hearthlings built them without any problem.

Have Fun, Kyth.


@not_owen_wilson does not believe that his hearthling AI seriously built your town. :wink: I propose that you’re much more patient at placing blocks for them than he is. :slight_smile:

Do you put things down in a specific order to avoid any building bugs?

Beautiful beautiful work, as usual. :slight_smile:


I’m speechless. Truly amazing!


You can assure @not_owen_wilson that his hearthling AI was perfectly capable of doing it. He has done a wonderful job. If he still does not believe you, I’ve got saves for nearly every day of the process. I’ll send them to him so that he can see for himself how the hearthllings did it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

More than an order I follow a set of rules.

If they can reach it, they can build it. A hearthling is three blocks high. Always remember it. (watch out for spaces under stairs, roofs and small windows). It is very important in deconstruction of scaffolding. You have to be careful when designing.

I only build one house at a time, and with big complexes like the Main house (Rathaus), I divide them in smaller components (Burgmeister’s house, great hall, Bergfried (tall tower) and wealthy rooms). This reduces the tax of the project in the game. Very similar to your building zones.

I place ladders against window holes while the hearthlings build. There are two reasons. To give the hearthlings access to those holes so that they can deconstruct any scaffolding or ladders they have placed on them and to help them place the windows frames later on. It would be a good idea if the hearthlings deconstructed the scaffoldings starting with those placed higher.

I never include any furniture, lamps, doors or windows in the building designs. Here I do follow a furniture placement order to prevent errors.
Once the whole house structure is finished the first thing I place are the windows, then the doors, then anything that is hanged on the walls and finally whatever is placed on the floor. The reason? to prevent problems with the ladders the hearthlings use to hang things on the walls.

I hope this explanation helps.
Have Fun Kyth.


great work …not sure im glad or sad that i dont have the patience to watch them work :smile:

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I just had this flashback to this moment in elementary where I was proud of something I had built out of KNEX and this other kid made something jawdroppingly awesome… I wonder why I got that flashback…


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