Ascendancy Tier 2 Buildingset

Hi there,
since radiant had implemented the city tier system, I have played with designing houses that fit into the style.

And now with the mood infrastructure and the resulting changes I have redesigned all houses to have more windows.

Ascendancy Tier 2 Building (1.3 MB)

You can use and modify them as you like :slight_smile:

To use those blueprints you have to find your stonehearth folder and then
go to saved_objects folder
then into the stonehearth folder
and at last into the building_templates where you have to extract the zip file.

There are different type of buildings:


The standard buildings which have almost the same size as the radiant buildings ± 1 block


The custom Buildings, which are bigger:


The crafter buildings, for hmm crafters :smiley: :


And different types of mine entrances:

This is an old abandoned mine entrance

This is an old abandoned second floor mine entrance


And other buildings:
The radiant tavern updated

the radiant inn updated

A civil tower

A big tavern and inn

And two different storage buildings.


I love these @groms! Just keep in mind that one of your mine entrances uses the green from the terrain colors mod for those who don’t know.

Ouh… … yeah you are right, I am using this mod like it is part of the game.
It should look like part of the entrance is covered by moos.

And thanks :slight_smile:


:joy: hahaha thats a good typo

:stuck_out_tongue: funny fact
actually it is not, since moos(moose) is moss in german, which I wanted to write but I accidentally wrote the german word … soo hmmm it is still a typo more or less :smiley:

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Love this set! Any chance you will be adding more buildings? Would love to add more stuff to my lil town :smiley:

Thank you :kissing_closed_eyes:
I will but not before the building overhaul update, which will take a while to be released.