The City of Laughdell

Hey guys :grin:

After hours and hours of fun with my actual A15 City I felt like I just had to share how far I came before it stopped making sense to continue without any new content.

Humble Beginnings

Gather ALL the berry bushes!

What’s better than two houses? Right! Six houses!

“Sir, we got too much stone lying around.” “Then go build a castle out of it!”

And some walls, too.

Towers+Walls+actual living quarters inside the walls= Medieval flair en masse

The Farmers demanded more space, so they were sent out to play with the goblins.

As the goblin attacks went more fierce, someone suggested digging a moat.

30+ Hearthlings. Nobody liked sharing beds, so the newer part of Laughdell was founded.

40 Hearthlings nearly reached…

At this point the gates were closed, because everyone felt like their world was strangely stuttering sometimes.

The old city.

The mighty castle.

I really wish that I could change my Towns name or add prefixes like “Fort” to its name.

These wooden fences do not only look epic, they actually are just as helpful against goblins, as my whole fortress is.

R.I.P. Trapper Grandpa, Trapper Pa and Ma, Trapper Son, Trapper daughter… what an unlucky Family.

Market square and the cemetery for the fallen heroes.

The lumberjacks had their own little kingdom in the woods.

So that’s where they put all their stuff!

Nice view on my latest building: The barracks near the docks.


Three new buildings added: A lighthouse, a church and a fortified tower.

As some of you might notice, I used some premade templates from and also several cosmetical mods.My Hearthlings were only able to finish less than half of the buildings, so I helped them with console commands and additional ladders.

If someone wants to take a look at my city, feel free to do so:
[Updated Savegame]

Notice: Set your Lights and Shadows to ‘low’ or get yourself a quantum computer.

I used the following mods:
Colorful Market Stalls
Patrol Mod
More Crates
Tamiras & Spiros container mod

All of them are accessible over the Praise Mod Database.

Thanks Radiant and all the modders for making this possible with your work. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring :sunglasses:




woah @Pfauenauge, for some reason this city/fort really reminds me of the old kickstarter renders… amazing build, and also love all the little details!

i notice you’re using my colorful market stalls mod (thanks for that :blush:) are there any other mods you’re using? if so, you should probably list them, because if someone doesnt have the mods you have when they load your world it will cause some errors.


Well, thanks for the great mod @8BitCrab :grin:

You are absolutely right. I am going to put the names of my mods in there immediately.

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Lovely city, well done! Mine is still being made :confused:

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Nice evolving city, are the walls buildings?

Yes, they are buildings combined with slabs for the entrances, stairs and other details. The castle style roof tool also worked really well here.

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This looks brilliant!! wow!!

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Verry nice so far :smiley: keep it up :smiley:

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man, you really are a city builder

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Hey, I just updated my town :slight_smile:


Great Town, i like your Walls and the Baracke, there are realy great.

Wuhu i see my marketstall :slight_smile:

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Thankyou for the mention of Praise Sir \o/

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