Ryya's Bastion city @Kasarov

Just a response to City of Lumineux, home of the Ascended, so screen shots of my Ryya’s children city.


This is overlooking the whole city, so far. (pic 1)

From left to right / Plantations / eating area / main hold of the city, crafting and infirmary for the ill, far right the housing.

Most southern of the above picture you see the main gate, following the cross path up, through the crafters teir and into the city.

Here you see the second defense of the city, the town hall and the main divide between upper tiers.

Another view of the second defense, to the bottom right the smithy and stone works, bottom left the potters hall.

This is a shot of the main defence and wall.

Past the wall, the big building first to the shot is the main infirmary, located with the herbalist’s potion shop, beds and wash basins (bird baths, of course!!)

Left main entance, first building is infirmary / herbal shop, then the carpenter’s lounge, the potter’s hall (Tried to make it look like a vase, yeah…) then bottom right the stone mason’s works and smithy.

This is a social gathering feature of the housing area.

We see here the plantations, as seen on the far left on picture 1 / main view.

A closer view on the plantations, towards the communal kitchen and eating area.

Same area as the last picture but from the north view, facing south, highlighting the communal eating house.

Another view of the eating area, this a more exposed eating view, to oversee the crafters section.

Closing in now on the communal eating house, on the left of the shot you see the water basin and bread oven in the kitchen, the exposed eating hut also, bottom left.

A internal shot of the eating house, very close but still offers privacy, nothing worse than someone watching you eat.

Further detailed pics, for those interested -

Main gate, closer view.
Smithy works and stone works, collective the Earth Caste.
View of the main gate from the city’s view.
Kitchen view 1
Town hall right, some kind of symbol of value to the left? Wanted it to be slightly bold and proud, that’s all.

Far scape view of the whole area, in future want to make small beacons / outposts / trade towns, along with something at the body of water.

Potter’s hall, or Sand Caste, as I like to think.
Main gate when defended, I see in future archers atop, the walls designed to allow cover whilst shooting out - and not trying to look like the ascended’s castles.
Here we see the connection stairs between upper and lower plantations, along with some cramped storage.
Internal veiw of the infirmary.
Another shot of the second defence / tier divide.
Another shot of the kitchen, this time being used. :smiley:


This is beautiful! _

I love how you laid the town out. It looks very neat and isn’t sprawled all over the place like Lumineux is. My favorite thing about this one is how you designed the town walls and gate - they look especially detailed and fitting for Raya’s Children.

I really wish this is still a WIP so I can see more of your work! Keep it up!

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Edited it and put in more pictures, I see the Ryya’s children being kings of the desert, not only living in it, but enhancing it’s features, I wanted to take some Egyptian tone in the rigid pillars and colours that capture the heat of the desert and the clay oven, it’s a work in project as I still want to expand certain themes, such as expand the crafters area and make it seem more like a market also, it is how they survive, trading wares through the land, in the future I’d like to call on some water features but I’m limited in this.

Also I want to make some spiritual building for both the grave stones and their worship of Ryya.

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Well, youve done a great job. The tiered layout looks really nice, and your city looks very modular and organized. I like the districts you set up, like the farming, crafting, and residential areas. My residential area is intertwined with everything else and in retrospect I shouldve done something similar to how you laid things out from the very beginning.

When the new alpha comes out, I’ll probably be redesigning Lumineux from the ground up if I want to keep up with you haha ;D

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Last edit this time, showing some of the finer details of things. I’ll stop posting pics now. :smiley:

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Nice to see in further builds if we can’t represent the Ascended / Ryya’s children respectively, as well, I’ve never taken to the Ascended, they’ve got it too easy and the land doesn’t hold enough creative features for me - interesting to see what challange the Northern kin bring to the style and their winter biome, I see great mead halls shaped like Ships in order. :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice :slightly_smiling:
How did you build the Walls? With Slabs?

damn that is one sweet town mate!

hell lota’ slabs.haha. :slight_smile:


I do love the walls; simple yet elegant :smiley:

Quite elegance in the desert. Also different from my approach. I really aught to show of mine some time, but I feel I don’t have enough done just yet.

Yours is somewhat spaced out quite a bit. Reason I mentioned that is mine is more arabian nights or aladdin style in house proximity, as in mine is compact and busy looking. Cramped with alleyways, stairs and terraces. Well the look I am going for.

Still even though yours is spaced out a little you have made it work, and flow together into one community looking well defended and thriving. Lovely work you have there. :smiley:

Beautiful. Bows
Really lovely. Each single part of it.
Bows again

Have fun, Kyth.