BUG: Blackscreen, game not starting

Sorry that things aren’t working @jsnhll02 , as you can see in the thread a few people are having similar issues. The team will need more to go on than what you’re saying so, first things first:

What operating system are you using? XP, Vista, 7, 8?
What are your system specs?

Do you know how to get into the control panel? In the control panel if you click “system and security” (I’m on windows 8, this may be different for previous systems I’m not sure), and then click “system” you should have a screen that tells you about your system? It should show what processor you’re using and how much RAM you have? Could you tell us what those two things are please?

Then on the left hand side there should be something that says “device manager”, click that.then in the new window that opens look for “display adapters” click that and it should drop down, can you tell us what it says in the “display adapter” bit please?


As you may know I’ve been playing Stonehearth for quite a while. Today, though, when I started up r188 for the first time, there was a black screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and started it back up. Whoops, it was in Alpha 6. I downloaded the latest version again, and got a black screen when I started the game again. I uninstalled again, made sure I had the latest version selected, and reinstalled. Black screen again. I’ll even be helpful and post a screenshot :stuck_out_tongue: :

To be more helpful, here's my [DxDiag.txt|attachment](upload://zDlrEHvz4A9RScatwhbnluvSBhs.txt). Anything else I should attach?

Give it more time, please. We’re having some issues when opening the game. There’s another report that mentions it. Sometimes it shows the Radiant logo after some seconds in the black screen, but other times it takes longer to show it (in r188).

It was the first thing I noticed with this release. It takes more time to show that the game is opening correctly.

Also, your system specs would help, in case you really don’t get the game to start after several tries.

The fact that randomly takes more time to load is a mystery. If it takes too long close it and wait a few seconds, then try opening it again and wait the same amount of time or more. (And no mods, of course…)

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After two tries of not loading after 5 minutes, I lost my patience. Here’s my basic system specs, is there anything else you need?

I don’t know. Follow the typical steps, check for latest graphic drivers in your manufacturer’s website (I think someone had to update them again for this release), delete the Stonehearth folder and reinstall from Steam…

And we’ll page @not_owen_wilson in case he can suggest something else. :worried:

Here’s the related thread:

Edit: This is the relevant answer: [Ack] Game doesen't load (black screen) - #16 by not_owen_wilson

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